Sinbad thanks fans for support in new video 3 years after stroke: ‘I feel those prayers’

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Comedian Sinbad returned to Instagram on March 4, successful his first quality connected nan societal networking level since November 2022, aft he suffered a stroke in 2020.

The video opened pinch Sinbad watching a video of himself appearing remotely astatine a recent “A Different World” cast quality during its 10-city tour at historically Black colleges and universities.

“Thank you for your prayers, support, and affirmative thoughts. They’ve carried maine this acold and will spot maine done to nan decorativeness line. It really is simply a different world retired here!” he captioned this caller post, on pinch nan hashtags #WeGettinThereYall and #ADifferentWorld.

“Man, that was truthful cool. ‘A Different World’ going to Atlanta, going to Morehouse College, connected nan campuses and getting a chance to beryllium connected a Zoom and opportunity thing to nan kids,” he said astir nan excited guidance he received erstwhile he appeared connected screen.

“It’s chaotic that nan kids moreover cognize who I am. That’s beautiful. Thank you to everybody who’s been praying for maine and saying bully things and supporting maine during this clip successful my life. It intends a batch to me. Thank you truthful much.”

After nan comedian, calved David Adkins, had his stroke in 2020, his family created a website to update fans astir his progress. He has been mostly retired of nan nationalist oculus since then, pinch his past Instagram station successful November 2022 depicting him using a walker and encouraging group to sojourn nan website.

In his caller Instagram video, nan comedian said he appreciates each nan benignant words that person travel his way.

“God has been pinch us, and he’s carried me,” he said. “Well, he’s carried maine done my full life, and it intends truthful overmuch erstwhile I perceive from y’all and you show me, ‘Sinbad, support going,’ saying, ‘Sinbad, we’re sending prayers. We’re praying. My family’s praying for you.’ Those words are important and I consciousness it. I consciousness those prayers.”

Sinbad, who played Walter Oakes connected “A Different World,” besides said his bosom goes retired to others who are experiencing thing akin to him.

Sinbad was 1 of nan stars of “A Different World.”Everett Collection

“I want to opportunity this to each nan group who’ve emailed maine done nan website. Some of you are going done what I’m going done aliases moreover worse than me,” he said. “I’m reference these things. I’m going to effort and reply arsenic galore arsenic I can. I believe for you and understand what it’s like. It’s rough.

“I want to convey each of you each who’ve been fans and friends each these years of mine. Thank you truthful much.”

Sinbad past teased nan anticipation that fans will get much of him successful nan future.

The comments were flooded pinch affirmative thoughts and good wishes.

“Aw man, I can’t extremity grinning! Love you Sinbad! So bully to spot you brother.❤️💪🏾,” wrote Wanda Sykes.

“Glad to spot you doing truthful well! You were ever riotously hilarious and ace bully to everyone astatine nan clubs erstwhile I was starting out. An inspiration to truthful many,” Judd Apatow commented.

“This made maine truthful happy! Love you truthful much,” gushed Holly Robinson Peete.

“So bully to spot and perceive you. 👏👏👏👏,” wrote Howie Mandel.

“Nothing but emotion for you brother. Keep nan faith,” Cedric nan Entertainer commented.

“❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥 GREAT TO SEE YOU BROTHER,” wrote Terry Crews.

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