Senate GOP race to succeed McConnell takes shape with Thune in, Barrasso out

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WASHINGTON — Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., won’t tally for Senate Republican leader, and alternatively will tally for nan No. 2 position of whip, according to 3 sources pinch knowledge of his plans.

That intends nan race to win Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is now efficaciously betwixt Senate Minority Whip John Thune, R-S.D., and Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, nan erstwhile whip, though there’s still clip for different candidates to jump successful since a ballot won't hap until aft nan November election.

“We request change. We request to guidelines up and conflict aggressively for our Republican priorities,” Barrasso, presently nan No. 3 Republican senator, wrote successful a missive to colleagues Tuesday, obtained by NBC News. “If elected to service arsenic your Whip, I will look for greater openness astir our process and transparency astir your choices. We must put statement wrong our Conference up of deal-making among a few. Additionally, I will proceed to push our Leadership squad and Conference to align our priorities pinch nan priorities of our voters.”

Barrasso noted successful his missive that nan past twelvemonth “has been a difficult 1 for maine and my family” pinch nan decease of his wife, Bobbi.

On Monday, Thune made his long-anticipated tally official.

Asked by a South Dakota news position if he wants to beryllium leader, Thune said, “Well, I dream to beryllium and I’m going to do everything I tin to person my colleagues, they’re nan voters, they’re nan ones who yet make nan decision.”

“As we look astatine a caller procreation of consistent, principled, blimpish activity successful nan United States Senate that empowers our Senate Republicans, that puts a cheque and equilibrium against nan Schumer — what has been a very wide Schumer-Biden agenda, I’m prepared to lead that effort,” Thune said.

Thune was besides asked astir his endorsement of erstwhile President Donald Trump, and really he justifies it successful nan aftermath of still not acknowledging his nonaccomplishment successful 2020, and nan existent criminal indictments he has faced and being recovered liable for intersexual abuse.

“I disagree pinch him connected that. And of course, I’ve made that abundantly clear,” Thune said of nan erstwhile president’s 2020 predetermination lies. “And I’m not going to re-litigate it.”

On Trump’s criminal cases, Thune said he will “let nan process play out,” but added that nan 2024 predetermination is “a very clear choice” betwixt Trump and President Joe Biden.

“That’s to maine is simply a very clear prime for nan American group astir what they want to spot successful nan early successful position of policies that effect their regular lives, whether it’s economical policies, nationalist security, confederate border, energy,” he said. “There’s a full bunch of things successful my position that we sewage to alteration to get nan state backmost connected track.”

For Thune, who is term-limited retired of nan whip occupation aft this year, thing little than becoming Republican leader would beryllium a measurement down. But Barrasso would move up if he becomes whip.

Cornyn announced his tally for leader past week, saying that if elected he will "improve communication, summation transparency, and guarantee inclusion of each Member’s expertise and opinion." He has antecedently served arsenic McConnell’s whip earlier he was term-limited retired of that position successful Jan. 2019.

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