Sen. Katie Britt says House Speaker Mike Johnson told her to ignore 'horror stories' before her State of The Union response

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Facing backlash complete her State of nan Union consequence past week, Alabama GOP Sen. Katie Britt connected Wednesday revealed that Speaker Mike Johnson reassured her up of nan reside to disregard immoderate "horror stories" and that nan infinitesimal wouldn't rustle up her career.

"The funny point is, [Johnson's] like, 'No, don't interest about, you know, group are going to show you scary stories astir each of these things that happened and people's profession being blown up complete it.' And he's like, 'It'll beryllium fine,'" Britt told Sen. Ted Cruz and his co-host Michael Knowles on an section of nan "Verdict pinch Ted Cruz," podcast.

The 2 later joked astir nan backlash to Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio's flub during his 2013 State of nan Union consequence wherever he sipped from a vessel of h2o minutes earlier nan extremity of his speech. And, they mentioned erstwhile Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's State of nan Union consequence successful 2009, which was labeled by Fox News arsenic a "poor performance" and "amateurish."

This year, Britt is nether occurrence for her speech, but nan Alabama legislator struck a mostly jovial reside connected nan podcast, describing a telephone telephone pinch Johnson soon aft Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell offered her nan chance to springiness nan charismatic GOP consequence to President Joe Biden's State of nan Union reside past week.

Cruz told Britt astir nan money Rubio's run raised trading h2o bottles aft his blunder.

"Well we're going to person to fig retired what I tin sell," Britt replied.

Britt has faced disapproval for really she described an brushwood pinch a unfortunate of quality trafficking during a 2023 sojourn to nan U.S.-Mexico border.

In her speech, Britt said she said pinch a female who, "had been sex-trafficked by nan cartels starting astatine property 12. She told maine not conscionable that she was raped each day, but really galore times a time she was raped."

“We wouldn’t beryllium OK pinch this happening successful a Third World country. This is nan United States of America, and it is past time, successful my opinion, that we commencement acting for illustration it,” she added. “President Biden’s separator situation is simply a disgrace.”

Shortly aft her speech, a viral TikTok by journalist Jonathan Katz alleged that nan unfortunate Britt was referring to had been trafficked successful nan early 2000s, during erstwhile President George W. Bush's administration, not during nan Biden administration.

Britt did not reside these allegations successful Wednesday's podcast pinch Cruz, but she blamed nan "liberal media" aggregate times for turning against her successful nan aftermath of her address.

"I mean, my crime was putting excessively overmuch passion, excessively overmuch bosom and psyche down nan issues that I genuinely attraction about, and they slaughtered maine crossed nan airways," Britt told Cruz.

She later added that nan situation astatine nan border, "is not only a nationalist information crisis, but a humanitarian situation that nary newsman is telling ... They’re not telling nan communicative of quality trafficking and what’s happening nether [Biden].”

Asked straight connected Fox News complete nan play astir nan communicative she told successful her reside connected Thursday, Britt deflected, saying that she did not mean to springiness nan belief that nan communicative she told happened during nan Biden administration.

"I very intelligibly said I said to a female who told maine astir erstwhile she was trafficked erstwhile she was 12, truthful I didn’t opportunity a teenager. I didn’t opportunity a young woman, a grown woman, a female erstwhile she was trafficked erstwhile she was 12," Britt told "Fox News Sunday."

Also connected Sunday, Karla Jacinto Romero, nan unfortunate that Britt was referring to successful her speech, told CNN that Britt inaccurately portrayed her story erstwhile she alleged Romero was trafficked by supplier cartels, clarifying that she was trafficked by a pimp successful Mexico who would entrap susceptible young women.

"I activity arsenic a spokesperson for galore victims who person nary voice, and I really would for illustration them to beryllium empathetic: each nan governors, each nan senators, to beryllium empathetic pinch nan rumor of quality trafficking because location are millions of girls and boys who vanish each nan time. People who are really trafficked and abused, arsenic she mentioned," Jacinto Romero told CNN.

Elsewhere successful Wednesday's podcast episode, Britt joked astir nan backlash she's faced successful nan aftermath of her State of nan Union response, referencing nan truth that movie prima Scarlett Johansson played Britt successful nan acold unfastened of "Saturday Night Live" complete nan weekend.

"I mean, really awesome is that?" Britt asked arsenic Cruz lamented nan truth that a "gorgeous movie star," has ne'er played him connected "Saturday Night Live."

"Scarlett Johansson, present you person Black Widow. They bring successful personification from Avengers to play maine successful nan acold open. I'm present for it," Britt added.

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