Search underway for 15-year-old with autism missing for a week in Tennessee

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A hunt is underway for a Tennessee teen who has been missing for a week.

Sebastian Rogers, 15, was past seen Feb. 26 successful Hendersonville, Sumner County, according to an Amber Alert. Sebastian "has a aesculapian information that whitethorn impair his expertise to return safely without assistance," per officials. His parents opportunity he's autistic, NBC connection WSMV of Nashville reported.

Officials picture Sebastian arsenic a 120 pound, 5 feet 5 inches gangly achromatic antheral pinch brownish hairsbreadth and brownish eyes. He was past seen wearing a achromatic sweatshirt and sweatpants, and glasses, according to nan Amber Alert.

The Sumner County Sheriff's described Sebastian arsenic an "endangered child" and asked nan nationalist for thief uncovering him.

"We presently person unit from respective section and authorities agencies progressive successful nan hunt efforts," nan sheriff's agency said successful a Facebook post. "If you wish to contribute, we kindly inquire you to cautiously cheque your property, including crawl spaces, sheds, mini areas, and immoderate different locations wherever a kid who enjoys hiding mightiness be."

Residents successful nan Hendersonville area are besides encouraged to cheque their location surveillance videos.

"We’re asking everyone successful nan area to meticulously reappraisal footage from information and way cameras. Please attraction connected nan timeframe from SUNDAY AFTERNOON THROUGH MONDAY MORNING. We judge moreover nan smallest item could beryllium nan cardinal to locating Sebastian," nan sheriff's agency said successful a Facebook post.

On Saturday, nan sheriff's agency asked those consenting to thief successful nan hunt to "leave nary chromatic unturned."

Anyone pinch accusation astir Sebastian's disappearance is encouraged to get successful touch pinch nan Sumner County Emergency Communications Center astatine 615-451-3838 aliases nan Tennessee Bureau of Investigation astatine 1-800-TBI-FIND.

Mirna Alsharif

Breaking news reporter