Search continues two weeks after 3-year-old boy disappeared in Wisconsin

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Police are continuing to entreaty for accusation connected nan whereabouts of a missing 3-year-old boy who vanished 2 weeks agone successful eastbound Wisconsin.

Elijah Vue was past seen astatine a location successful Two Rivers, 40 miles southeast of Green Bay, wherever he and his mother had been staying.

The Two Rivers Police Department said successful an update connected Facebook Tuesday: "Elijah Vue has not been found." The hunt has taken officers crossed nan state, progressive aggregate agencies and employed door-to-door questioning successful agrarian areas.

Police are asking for group successful Two Rivers and nan surrounding counties to cheque information aliases dashcam camera footage, from betwixt 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. connected Feb. 19, that mightiness see images of a beige 1997 Nissan Altima, pinch Wisconsin plates and a registration opening pinch A.

Both his mother, Katrina Baur, 31, and nan man who was looking aft Elijah erstwhile he went missing, Jesse Vang, 39, person been charged pinch kid neglect.

Baur was charged pinch being a statement to nan crime of neglecting a child. arsenic good arsenic 2 counts of obstructing an officer.

Both suspects appeared successful tribunal connected Feb. 26, pinch preliminary hearings group for Thursday. A nationalist defender was appointed to correspond some during nan erstwhile hearing. It is not known whether nan brace person ongoing ineligible representation.

Elijah has sandy blonde hair, brownish eyes and was perchance carrying a reddish and achromatic plaid blanket. He is of Hmong heritage.

Court documents seen by NBC Chicago show that Vang called constabulary earlier 11 a.m. connected Feb. 20 to study Elijah missing. He said he had fallen dormant while watching nan kid and woke up to find him gone.

The aforesaid documents showed that Baur was staying pinch Vang successful bid to thief correct nan boy's "bad behaviors" and make him "be a man," NBC Chicago reported.

This included disciplining Elijah by making him guidelines for 1 to 3 hours successful "time outs," making him pray, and giving him acold showers, nan documents allege.

Manitowoc County District Attorney Jacalyn LaBre said during nan February hearing that Elijah’s mother “intentionally sent that kid for disciplinary reasons for much than a week to nan residence. She was alert of nan strategies utilized and nan deficiency of attraction provided.”

Both suspects contradict immoderate engagement successful nan boy's disappearance.

Elijah’s uncle, Orson Vue, told NBC Chicago: "It’s just, trying to support nan bad thoughts out. But astatine nan aforesaid time, not ruling retired thing astatine all."

There is simply a $10,000 reward for accusation starring to an apprehension aliases conviction.

"Let america guidelines together, vigilant and determined, until Elijah is safely reunited pinch his loved ones. Your assistance tin make nan difference," said Manitowoc County Crime Stoppers, who posted nan reward.

A abstracted $15,000 reward disposable from nan FBI for immoderate accusation connected Elijah's whereabouts aliases that leads to an apprehension aliases conviction.

In a erstwhile update, TRPD suggested group could show their support by displaying greenish and bluish ribbons and lights: Elijah's favourite colour was blue, while greenish is simply a awesome of dream for nan betterment of missing children.

Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith is simply a London-based editor and newsman for NBC News Digital.