San Francisco voters approve drug screening for welfare recipients

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San Francisco voters showed beardown support for a ballot measurement that requires use recipients who person assistance from nan metropolis and are “reasonably” suspected of utilizing narcotics to beryllium screened and enroll successful treatment.

They besides favored different measurement that eases restrictions connected constabulary officers.

The approvals were seen arsenic wins for Mayor London Breed, who faces a reliable re-election conflict successful November complete concerns that she has been anemic connected crime. She put nan measures connected nan ballot pinch nan volition of improving nationalist information and addressing nan city’s supplier crisis, she has said.

But opponents opportunity nan measures could exacerbate those issues, arsenic good arsenic homelessness, and will not make nan nationalist safer.

London BreedMayor London Breed speaks to supporters astatine an predetermination nighttime statement Tuesday successful San Francisco.Godofredo A. Vásquez / AP

Proposition E, which reduces nan powerfulness of nan national constabulary oversight commission, garnered almost 60% of nan vote. It besides authorizes nan constabulary section to usage drones and surveillance cameras; requires written reports for use-of-force incidents only erstwhile a beingness wounded occurred aliases erstwhile a firearm was removed from an officer’s holster; and gives constabulary much state to prosecute suspects successful vehicles.

Proposition F requires group 65 and younger without dependents who person rate use assistance from nan metropolis and it “reasonably suspects” are limited connected forbidden narcotics to taxable to screening and curen to stay eligible for aid. It drew more than 60% of nan vote. The measurement did not specify what it intends to "reasonably" fishy personification is utilizing drugs.

Both spell into effect connected Jan. 1, 2025.

Jason McDaniel, an subordinate professor of governmental subject astatine San Francisco State University, said support for nan measures does not awesome that nan famously progressive metropolis is moving to nan right.

“It’s an overreach,” he said. “It’s an incorrect publication of what’s happening. Voters are not becoming much conservative. They are still predominantly wide and being pro-police is accordant pinch their wide values.”

Many of nan city's wide voters support authorities services for group successful need, he said, which could bespeak why Proposition F drew arsenic overmuch support arsenic it did.

Kevin Benedicto, a personnel of nan city's constabulary commission, said he personally opposed Proposition E because "it reduces important safeguards and guardrails that San Francisco has cautiously placed connected rule enforcement."

Reducing nan safeguards astir vulnerable pursuits, surveillance exertion and officer-involved shootings is not nan solution, he said.

"Comprehensive nationalist information does not person to travel astatine nan disbursal of accountability," he said.

Since then-San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin's callback successful 2022, nan astir important issues to voters person been nationalist safety, crime, homelessness and supplier use, McDaniel said.

He said nan occurrence of nan measures was a affirmative measurement for Breed's campaign, which is still very susceptible because immoderate judge she has allowed those issues to fester during her 5 years successful office.

Daniel Lurie and Mark Farrell, chap mean Democrats, are among Breed’s apical challengers. Lurie is nan laminitis of a nonprofit. Farrell was interim politician from January to July 2018. Both supported her ballot measures but person said she could person enacted them sooner. Still, their support of nan measures bodes good for Breed, McDaniel said.

Breed thanked supporters of nan measures, saying Proposition E would thief her to build connected her activity to make San Francisco safer and Proposition F would bring much curen and accountability to nan city. She said crime was down past twelvemonth and these measures would proceed that progress.

Janelle Griffith

Janelle Griffith is simply a nationalist newsman for NBC News focusing connected issues of title and policing.