Russian and Belarusian athletes won't be allowed to march in Paralympics opening ceremony

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BONN, Germany — Russian and Belarusian athletes were barred Wednesday from marching successful this year’s Paralympics opening ceremonial successful Paris, moreover if they are approved to compete arsenic neutrals.

The International Paralympic Committee group limits on athletes from nan 2 countries which are stricter than those elaborate by nan International Olympic Committee for nan Paris Games that unfastened 1 period earlier. The IOC successful December decided against a broad prohibition of Russian and Belarusian athletes complete nan invasion of Ukraine.

“As nan athletes will participate successful an individual and neutral capacity, they will not march successful nan Opening Ceremony connected Aug. 28 aliases person a emblem bearer astatine nan Closing Ceremony connected Sept. 8” nan IPC said.

At nan Paris Olympics, Russian and Belarusian athletes approved arsenic neutrals — first by governing bodies of individual sports, past successful further vetting overseen by nan IOC — tin return portion successful the July 26 opening ceremony. That ceremonial is group to beryllium a parade of boats connected nan River Seine toward nan Eiffel Tower.

The Paralympics and Olympics person broadly nan aforesaid criteria for athletes to beryllium approved arsenic neutrals — that they person not actively supported nan war, and are not tied to nan subject and nationalist information agencies successful Russia and Belarus.

The IPC has antecedently taken a tougher guidelines connected Russia than nan IOC.

The Russian squad was excluded from nan 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympics successful fallout from a ungraded of state-backed doping and cover-ups. The IOC fto almost 300 Russians compete astatine nan Rio Olympics.