Russia is ready for nuclear war, Putin warns the West

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President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Russia was fresh for nuclear war if it came to it, his latest informing to nan West up of an election this week that will spot him widen his rule.

“From a military-technical constituent of view, we are, of course, ready,” Putin said successful an question and reply pinch Russian authorities tv that was released early Wednesday, erstwhile asked if Russia was really fresh for specified a conflict.

Putin said Russia boasts a “more modern” atomic arsenal than anyone other and that nan West is moving connected modernizing its own. But he said this doesn't mean nan world is heading for atomic war, and suggested that President Joe Biden’s acquisition ensures he understands nan imaginable dangers of escalation.

Putin's comments travel conscionable days up of nan March 15-17 statesmanlike predetermination that will spot him re-elected for nan 5th clip to statesman different six-year term.

It’s nan 2nd juncture successful little than 2 weeks that Putin has utilized atomic rhetoric, and his latest foray into America's upcoming election.

During his yearly authorities of nan federation reside past month, Putin warned Western countries that if they nonstop their ain troops into Ukraine they consequence a atomic war. His comments came aft French President Emmanuel Macron suggested that NATO friends could nonstop troops to Ukraine successful nan future.

Putin said successful nan question and reply connected Wednesday that U.S. troops connected nan crushed successful either Russia aliases Ukraine would beryllium seen arsenic an intervention. But he said Biden is an old-school politician, and location are plentifulness of specialists successful strategical deterrence successful Washington to support that from happening.

“So I don’t deliberation that present everything is rushing truthful head-on” to a atomic confrontation, he said, according to a transcript of nan question and reply shared by nan Kremlin. “But we are fresh for this.”

In statement pinch nan country’s stated information doctrine, Moscow is fresh to usage atomic weapons “if we are talking astir nan beingness of nan Russian state, astir nan threat to our sovereignty and independence,” Putin added.

Putin besides said he ne'er pondered deploying atomic weapons successful Ukraine, moreover erstwhile Kyiv reclaimed immoderate of its onshore successful successful counteroffensives successful 2022. “There has ne'er been specified a need,” he said.

Putin has substantially ramped up his atomic saber rattling since his penetration of Ukraine. Although Washington maintains that it does not spot a alteration successful Russia’s atomic stance, Putin’s drastic rhetoric has raised fears astir nan risks of a conflict betwixt Russia and nan West.

The declaration of Russia’s readiness for a atomic warfare came arsenic Putin said that Russia was fresh for bid talks successful Ukraine based connected “realities” connected nan ground, and not what he called “some wants aft nan usage of psychotropic drugs.” This was an evident reference to nan Kremlin's longstanding and baseless declare that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is simply a supplier user.

“For america to discuss now conscionable because they are moving retired of ammunition is somewhat ridiculous connected our part,” Putin said, referring to terrible ammunition shortages Ukraine has knowledgeable arsenic caller U.S. subject assistance remains stalled successful Congress and Kyiv’s European counterparts person struggled to proviso nan ammunition that has been promised.

“We are, however, fresh for a superior conversation,” he said, adding that Moscow would not conscionable discuss a region successful fighting that would let Ukraine to re-arm, but 1 that would unafraid superior information guarantees for Russia.

The White House announced Tuesday that it would supply $300 cardinal successful further weapons to Ukraine amid nan Congressional hold-up.

Putin was besides asked astir his stated penchant for nan “more experienced” Biden alternatively than nan Republican nominee, former President Donald Trump, to triumph this year’s U.S. election.

Putin said that Trump, who had often praised nan Russian leader, reproached him during his last twelvemonth successful agency for wanting Biden to triumph nan 2020 election.

“He told maine truthful successful 1 of nan conversations. Sorry, I’ll opportunity it for illustration he did, it’s conscionable nonstop speech: ‘You want Sleepy Joe to win,’” Putin recalled, utilizing a explanation Trump often uses for Biden.

“And then, to my surprise, they began to persecute him because we allegedly supported him arsenic a candidate,” Putin said of Trump. “Well, it’s immoderate benignant of complete nonsense.”

Yuliya Talmazan

Yuliya Talmazan is simply a newsman for NBC News Digital, based successful London.