RuPaul’s new memoir, ‘The House of Hidden Meanings,’ is already a bestseller

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After first being announced and disposable to pre-order successful October, RuPaul‘s memoir “The House of Hidden Meanings” debuted connected Tuesday, and it's already a No. 1 bestseller connected Amazon.

The book only focuses connected RuPaul’s first 40 years of life, earlier he co-created “Drag Race,” for which he’s earned 3 Emmy Awards arsenic its host. The wide-ranging book starts disconnected pinch his early years increasing up arsenic a queer Black kid successful San Diego navigating analyzable relationships pinch his absent begetter and temperamental mother, and goes connected to show stories from his clip successful nan punk and resistance scenes of Atlanta and New York, to falling successful emotion pinch his husband, Georges LeBar, and becoming sober.

“I’m truthful excited and truthful anxious astatine nan aforesaid time, because I uncover truthful overmuch of myself,” RuPaul said connected Instagram wherever he announced his memoir. “You know, this world coming it feels truthful dispute and it’s specified a scary spot to beryllium susceptible in, but I did it. So, get ready.”

He continued successful nan caption, penning that nan process of telling his communicative near him “gooped, gagged and, stripped raw.”

“RuPaul’s Drag Race,” which returned o MTV for its 16th play successful December, revealed 14 caller resistance queens competing for nan $200,000 expansive prize and nan title of America’s adjacent resistance superstar. The two-part bid premiere featured nan queens showing disconnected their worldly successful nan yearly talent show, which has go a champion connected nan series.