Royal Caribbean cruise employee arrested after hidden camera found in guest bathroom on Symphony of the Seas

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A Royal Caribbean cruise worker has been arrested aft allegedly mounting up hidden cameras wrong rider bathrooms to spy connected young girls.

Arvin Joseph Mirasol, 34, a national of nan Philippines, was arrested Sunday aft a impermanent aboard nan Symphony of nan Seas cruise vessel recovered a camera successful her bath connected Feb. 25.

The guest, who was staying successful a room pinch her sister and mother, recovered nan hidden camera erstwhile she reached nether nan descend to drawback a rotation of toilet insubstantial and recovered nan camera "affixed to nan antagonistic underneath nan sink," nan probable origin affidavit said.

She reported nan camera to customer services, and vessel information responded to nan room.

Mirasol, an attendant who services nan compartment by cleaning, replacing towels and making nan bed, was detained connected nan vessel until it docked astatine Port Everglades successful Fort Lauderdale, Florida, connected March 3.

Once nan vessel docked, Homeland Security Investigations, Customs and Border Protection and nan Broward County Sheriff’s Office were alerted and said pinch information and Mirasol.

His electronics, including his phone, an SD card, camera, and USB stick, were investigated that aforesaid day. On nan USB stick, rule enforcement discovered "numerous videos of naked females undressing" arsenic good arsenic kid pornography, nan criminal title affidavit said. One video showed Mirasol himself installing a camera into a impermanent room's bathroom. 

Mirasol admitted successful a post-Miranda question and reply to taping a video camera successful guests’ bathrooms erstwhile he worked arsenic an attendant and said he'd pleasance himself aft retrieving nan camera and viewing its footage, nan affidavit said.

“Mirasol revealed that he has been placing these cameras, successful nan bath since he started moving connected Symphony of nan Seas astir December 2023,” nan filing said.

He told officers, “I want to power it, but I can’t,” nan affidavit said. He said he'd spot nan cameras successful nan rooms wherever location were females 16 years aged and older, contempt knowing it is forbidden to movie underage girls.

Mirasol besides admitted that while guests were taking a shower, he’d participate nan rooms and hide nether nan furniture while signaling them naked pinch his phone, nan affidavit said.

Mirasol has charged pinch six authorities charges voyeurism successful Broward County. In nan U.S. District Court of Florida, he was further charged pinch accumulation and possession of kid pornography.

NBC News has reached retired to nationalist defender who was appointed to his case.

Royal Caribbean said successful a statement: “We person zero tolerance for this unacceptable behavior. We instantly reported this to rule enforcement and terminated nan unit member, and we will proceed to afloat cooperate pinch authorities.”

Marlene Lenthang

Breaking News Reporter