RFK Jr. is considering Aaron Rodgers and Jesse Ventura as possible running mates

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Independent statesmanlike campaigner Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is considering a shortlist of candidates for his moving mate that includes New York Jets backmost Aaron Rodgers and erstwhile Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, NBC News confirmed Tuesday.

Kennedy said successful an question and reply past period that he would apt sanction his VP prime wrong nan adjacent 30 days. That self-imposed deadline passed successful early March pinch nary announcement.

"He’s considering Aaron Rodgers and Jesse Ventura arsenic moving mates on pinch others connected a short list," a spokesperson for nan Kennedy run said Tuesday. "No different specifications available."

The New York Times first reported that Rodgers and Ventura, a erstwhile master wrestler, were connected Kennedy's short list.

Rodgers and nan Jets did not instantly respond to requests for comment. Ventura could not beryllium reached for comment.

Rodgers endorsed Kennedy past twelvemonth aft nan 2 bonded complete their guidance to Covid vaccines. On Tuesday afternoon, Rodgers reposted Kennedy’s consequence to President Joe Biden's State of nan Union reside connected X, saying, “This is presidential.”

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