Rep. Colin Allred wins Democratic primary to take on Sen. Ted Cruz in Texas

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Rep. Colin Allred will return connected GOP Sen. Ted Cruz aft winning Tuesday’s Democratic Senate primary, NBC News projects, mounting up a cardinal matchup successful nan conflict for power of nan chamber. 

Allred bested a crowded section of 9 Democrats to return connected Cruz, who is simply a apical target for Democrats this twelvemonth arsenic they are mostly connected defense arsenic they conflict to clasp onto nan Senate.

“I’ve ever felt for illustration we can’t spend six much years of Ted Cruz representing america successful nan Senate — six much years of personification who abandons america erstwhile 30 cardinal Texans are freezing successful nan dark, six much years arsenic personification who wants to person a nationwide abortion ban, six much years of personification who I deliberation is only willing successful themselves, and not each of america arsenic Texans” Allred told NBC News successful an question and reply connected Tuesday. 

Allred’s apical force for nan GOP motion was authorities Sen. Roland Gutierrez, who represents nan metropolis of Uvalde, whose residents suffered done a tragic wide shooting astatine an simple schoolhouse successful 2022. But Allred appeared poised to transverse nan majority-vote period basal to debar a superior runoff. 

Texas State Senator Roland GutierrezTexas State Senator Roland Gutierrez successful 2022 successful Uvalde, Texas.Yasin Ozturk / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

First elected to nan House successful 2018 aft flipping a Dallas-area seat, Allred has been viewed arsenic a formidable Senate recruit, posting beardown fundraising numbers and already launching TV ads that were much focused connected nan wide predetermination than Tuesday’s superior contest. 

Allred has focused overmuch of his early messaging connected abortion, pinch Texas having nan astir restrictive abortion prohibition of nan states hosting competitory Senate races this year. Democrats judge this rumor could thief propel them to triumph successful a authorities they person agelong based on is trending successful their direction. 

Former President Donald Trump won Texas by astir 6 points successful 2020, pursuing a 9-point triumph successful 2016. And Cruz won a adjacent re-election title successful 2018 by astir 3 points, defeating then-Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

Texas could beryllium a cardinal title successful nan conflict for nan Senate. Republicans request a nett summation of conscionable 2 seats to return power of nan chamber, aliases 1 spot if Republicans triumph nan White House since nan vice president casts tie-breaking votes successful nan Senate. 

And while nan statesmanlike title will loom ample successful November, Allred has drawn immoderate distinctions pinch Biden, siding pinch Republicans to support a solution criticizing nan administration’s policies surrounding nan U.S.-Mexico border. 

“I was saying we request to get immoderate urgency astir this. And I thought nan position quo was unacceptable,” Allred told NBC News of his vote.

Allred declined to straight reply if he would run pinch Biden.

“This is going to beryllium astir Texans talking to Texans, neighbors talking to neighbors,” Allred said. “We’re picking a legislator who will service america for nan adjacent six years past nan word aliases nan adjacent presidency. And so, you know, listen, anybody’s invited to come, but my connection will enactment nan same, which is that I’m focused connected Texas.”

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