Rats are 'all high' on marijuana stored in infested New Orleans police evidence room

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Rats person gotten into nan confiscated marijuana astatine nan vermin-infested and decaying New Orleans Police Department headquarters, nan city's apical bull warned.

"I want you to spot nan tray of each of nan roaches, awesome rodents connected nan floor, nan cockroaches, nan rats eating our marijuana. They're each high," Police Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick told nan Criminal Justice Committee connected Monday astir nan grounds room.

The existent section office houses substandard accommodation pinch surgery aerial conditioners and elevators. Officers "have obscurity to usage a restroom," according to Kirkpatrick.

"We each cognize nan accommodation person been rundown," Councilmember and Criminal Justice Committee Chair Oliver Thomas told NBC News connection WDSU. "Last year, it was truthful basking that we had to adjacent nan buildings. Sometimes it’s truthful acold that our officers and nan rank astatine office can’t moreover inhabit nan building.”

The deplorable conditions day backmost to 2008, according to nan WDSU investigative team. In nan latest 2017 report, photos from wrong nan installation show snakes, rodents, possums and imaginable mold.

“The uncleanliness is disconnected nan charts,” Kirkpatrick said Monday, and nan janitors “deserve an grant for trying to cleanable what is uncleanable.”

A connection has been put guardant to walk $7.6 cardinal connected a 10-year lease to temporarily relocate nan constabulary office to 2 floors successful a downtown building. Other criminal justness agencies whitethorn soon request to travel suit.

"I ideate you’re going to spot akin situations wherever we whitethorn person to temporarily lease abstraction arsenic we yet build a finalization for nan future,” Chief Administrative Officer Gilbert Montano said during nan meeting.

The Criminal Justice Committee voted successful favour of advancing nan leasing connection to nan afloat City Council for a last decision.

Katherine Itoh

Katherine Itoh is simply a news subordinate for NBC News.

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