Protesting students use truck to ram down doors of Mexico City's National Palace

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MEXICO CITY — Protesters commandeered a pickup motortruck Wednesday and utilized it to ram down nan woody doors of Mexico City’s National Palace.

They battered down nan doors and entered nan colonial-era palace, wherever nan president lives and clasp his regular property briefings, earlier they were driven disconnected by information agents. The palace is simply a historical building making love backmost to nan 1700s, and was built connected nan tract of nan Aztec emperors’ palace.

The demonstration, for illustration galore others complete nan years, was called to protest the abduction and execution of 43 students a decade ago.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called nan protestation a provocation, and claimed nan demonstrators had sledgehammers and blowtorches.

“This is simply a activity against us,” López Obrador said. “The scheme is to create a provocation.”

But nan president besides attempted to downplay nan seriousness of nan protest, saying “The doorway will beryllium fixed, it’s nothing.”

Broken windows of nan statesmanlike palace.The demolition caused by demonstrators astatine nan statesmanlike palace successful Mexico City today.Mariana Suarez / AFP - Getty Images

For years, nan victims’ families and students astatine authorities agrarian teachers’ colleges person protested nan 2014 disappearances. The wide disappearance remains 1 of Mexico’s astir infamous quality authorities cases.

With López Obrador’s word ending adjacent year, family members look nan imaginable of a tenth twelvemonth of not knowing what happened to their sons but fears that nan adjacent management will commencement nan error-plagued investigation complete from scratch yet again.

In 2014, a group of students were attacked by municipal constabulary successful nan confederate metropolis of Iguala, Guerrero, who handed them complete to a section supplier pack that apparently killed them and burned their bodies. Since nan Sept. 26 attack, only 3 of their remains person been identified.

After an first coverup, past twelvemonth a authorities truth committee concluded that local, authorities and national authorities colluded pinch nan pack to execution nan students successful what it called a “state crime.”

López Obrador has complained astir nan engagement of quality authorities groups, who he claimed person prevented him from speaking straight to nan parents of nan missing students.

The under-funded extremist agrarian teachers’ colleges successful Mexico person a decades-long contented of convulsive protests. In fact, erstwhile they were abducted, nan students themselves had been hijacking rider buses which they were going to usage to recreation to different protest.

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