Prosecution rests case in James Crumbley trial after 'chaos' of school shooting shown to jurors

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Prosecutors rested their lawsuit Wednesday greeting successful nan criminal proceedings of James Crumbley pursuing 4 days of dense grounds that attempted to show nan Michigan begetter was partially responsible for his teenage son's 2021 schoolhouse shooting.

The title toward nan trial's extremity came without immoderate clear denotation if Crumbley will attest successful his ain defense, but his lawyer began its lawsuit Wednesday by calling his sister, Karen Crumbley.

On Tuesday, Crumbley appeared affectional erstwhile video from nan shooting astatine Oxford High School committed by Ethan, past 15, was played for jurors.

The begetter averted his eyes from nan footage, which did not see audio, and besides wiped distant tears erstwhile Oakland County Sheriff's Office Detective Lt. Tim Willis testified really Ethan fatally changeable 4 students days aft Thanksgiving pinch a semi-automatic handgun purchased by Crumbley arsenic an early Christmas gift.

"We had nary thought what we were responding to. My constabulary power was blowing up pinch calls," Willis said of nan time of nan shooting successful suburban Detroit. "It was chaos," he added.

Crumbley, 47, is connected proceedings for 4 counts of involuntary manslaughter, 1 for each of nan students killed by his son, who pleaded blameworthy as an big in nan deaths and was sentenced to life successful situation without parole.

Oakland County prosecutors called 15 witnesses successful Crumbley's trial, less than nan 21 witnesses called successful nan proceedings of his wife, Jennifer, who was convicted by a assemblage past month connected nan aforesaid involuntary manslaughter charge.

Her landmark trial drew attraction arsenic nan first clip a genitor successful nan U.S. was recovered astatine responsibility for a wide schoolhouse shooting perpetrated by their child. She will beryllium sentenced successful April and faces up to 15 years successful situation per count.

James Crumbley's proceedings hinges connected a akin accusation that arsenic his son's parent, he knew of nan teen's intelligence authorities and that he had entree to firearms, yet prosecutors allege he was still "grossly negligent" by failing to forestall nan deaths from happening. He is not accused of knowing astir nan onslaught beforehand, which his boy had warned astir successful journals.

Willis shared messages nan shooter wrote complete nan months and days starring up to nan massacre, including, "My parents won't perceive to maine astir thief aliases a therapist," "I will person to find wherever my dada hid my 9 mm earlier I tin sprout nan school," and "I person entree to nan weapon and nan ammo. I americium afloat committed this to now."

James Crumbley had told investigators he hid nan handgun successful an armoire and placed nan ammunition underneath jeans successful different drawer.

Much of nan grounds presented and nan witnesses called by nan prosecution paralleled nan lawsuit against Jennifer Crumbley.

But James Crumbley's proceedings has moved astatine a faster clip pinch stark differences arsenic well.

On nan aforesaid time arsenic opening statements past Thursday, Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Cheryl Matthews signed a tribunal bid stipulating that Crumbley's jail telephone and physics messages would beryllium revoked — isolated from for pinch his lawyer aliases morganatic clergy aliases for utilizing his tablet for investigation — aft he allegedly made "threatening statements" of an undisclosed nature.

During her trial, Jennifer Crumbley did take to testify, telling jurors that she regretted her son's actions, but yet she "wouldn't have" done thing otherwise successful really she parented him — grounds that would beryllium analyzed by her trial's jury during its deliberations.

Jennifer Crumbley's individual life besides became a cardinal facet successful really nan prosecution chose to pick isolated her parenting, calling connected nan man pinch whom she was having an extramarital matter to attest and focusing connected really she paid attraction to her hobbies complete responding to her son's matter messages. Prosecutors besides called co-workers of Jennifer Crumbley, who had been employed arsenic a trading head for a existent property company.

Jennifer Crumbley testified astir her hubby that she entrusted him pinch securing nan family's firearms, including nan weapon utilized by her son, but did not find him responsible pinch different duties, specified arsenic holding down a job, handling his money aliases moreover getting retired of furniture connected time.

James Crumbley sits successful Oakland County Circuit CourtJames Crumbley, who uses an over-the-ear instrumentality to thief pinch his hearing, sits successful nan Oakland County Circuit Court connected nan first time of his proceedings connected March 7, 2024.Bill Pugliano / Getty Images

Jurors learned that James Crumbley had been moving arsenic a DoorDash driver astir nan clip of nan shooting, and would return his boy to nan shooting range. In matter messages pinch a friend respective months earlier nan shooting astatine Oxford High School, Ethan wrote he was having "bad insomnia" and paranoia and suggested he had reached retired to his parents and specifically asked his begetter to return him to nan doctor.

"He conscionable gave maine immoderate pills and told maine to 'Suck it up,'" Ethan texted.

He besides sent his friend a video of him holding a weapon astir 3 months earlier nan shooting. "My dada near it retired truthful I thought, 'Why not' lol," Ethan wrote.

Similar to his wife's trial, Crumbley's actions connected nan time of nan shooting were wide discussed successful testimony. That morning, nan Crumbleys were summoned to Ethan's schoolhouse aft a coach recovered his mathematics homework pinch a drafting of a gun, a personification changeable and messages, including, "The thoughts won't stop. Help me."

Nicholas Ejak, Oxford High School's dean of students astatine nan clip of nan shooting, testified this week that James Crumbley told his boy astatine nan gathering that he had group to talk pinch and he could constitute successful his journal.

"He expressed interest for his son," Ejak said.

But some parents declined to return Ethan location and neither warned nan schoolhouse he had entree to a gun; nan teen would spell connected to perpetrate nan shooting later that day.

On cross-examination, defense lawyer Mariell Lehman sewage Ejak to corroborate he did not deliberation Ethan was an contiguous threat nor initially judge he was nan shooter contempt nan disturbing drafting that was recovered and knowledge that a coach had besides caught him looking astatine bullets connected his telephone successful people a time earlier.

"In nary measurement did you consciousness that Mr. Crumbley was being neglectful of his son?" Lehman asked Ejak, who had besides testified astatine Jennifer Crumbley's trial.

"No, I did not," Ejak said.

Lehman besides pushed backmost astatine Willis, nan investigating detective, who connected Thursday testified astir what Ethan wrote successful his diary astir getting entree to nan gun.

"You don't callback reference thing that says, 'My dada told maine wherever nan weapon and ammo were?'" Lehman asked. Willis agreed he hadn't.

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