President Joe Biden and Cookie Monster are both sick and tired of 'shrinkflation'

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S is for "shrinkflation!"

Beloved "Sesame Street" fig Cookie Monster lashed retired astatine companies hawking their nutrient wares astatine nan aforesaid value but pinch little existent merchandise — a believe known arsenic “shrinkflation."

“Me dislike shrinkflation!,” nan “Sesame Street” character told his 626,000 fans on X, nan level that utilized to beryllium known arsenic Twitter, connected Monday. “Me cookies are getting smaller.” 

It was a sentiment shared by nan White House, who responded connected Monday, "C is for consumers getting ripped off."

And past President Joe Biden himself, speaking astatine a White House arena Tuesday, embraced his cookie-loving bluish pal and besides called retired aggressive, profit-driven nutrient companies.

“I’ll show you what, I show you who did notice, Cookie Monster. He pointed retired cookies, aliases his cookies are getting smaller, paying nan aforesaid price," Biden said. "I was stunned erstwhile I recovered retired that’s what really happened.”

The snacker-in-chief took peculiar purpose astatine murphy spot makers.

"Even arsenic proviso chains are backmost to normal, immoderate companies are still not passing on nan savings to their customers," nan president said.

"Many corporations are raising their prices, pad nan profits, charging folks much and much for little and less. In fact, immoderate of nan mini snack companies, you won’t — deliberation you won’t moreover announcement what they’re doing, erstwhile they complaint you conscionable arsenic overmuch for nan aforesaid size container of murphy chips, only there’s a helluva batch less chips successful it.”

Puppeteer Frank Oz, an early collaborator with Jim Henson, didn't endorse "shrinkflation" connected Tuesday, but he was outraged that his Cookie Monster characteristic would moreover wade into specified weighty issues.

"I’m shocked to spot a news article connected Cookie Monster talking astir 'shrinkflation,'” Oz wrote connected X.

He said Henson, who died successful 1990, would person ne'er supported a “Sesame Street’ characteristic taking specified a nationalist stance because they "need to unrecorded successful their ain axenic world. Not our world."

"What has happened to nan integrity of nan characteristic and nan integrity of Sesame Workshop?" Oz added.

Despite Oz's criticism, "Sesame Street" characters person agelong chimed successful connected various topical concerns.

For example, Elmo past period appeared connected nan "TODAY" show to promote intelligence health. And Biden backed Elmo, saying that: "I cognize really difficult it is immoderate days to expanse nan clouds distant and get to sunnier days."

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