Pornhub disables website in Texas amid legal battle with attorney general's office

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Pornhub has blocked entree to its contented successful Texas successful protestation of nan state’s property verification requirement.

The site, 1 of nan most-visited pornography platforms successful nan country, is blocking anyone who accesses it from a Texas IP address. Instead, its homepage displays a connection explaining its reasoning and encouraging users to interaction their representatives astir nan law.

“Unfortunately, nan Texas rule for property verification is ineffective, haphazard, and dangerous,” nan connection read, according to a transcript Pornhub provided to NBC News. “Not only will it not really protect children, but it will besides inevitably trim contented creators’ expertise to station and administer ineligible big contented and straight effect their expertise to stock nan creator messages they want to convey pinch it.”

And it’s not conscionable Pornhub: The full portfolio of big contented platforms owned by Pornhub’s genitor company, Aylo, including Brazzers, YouPorn and, person besides removed entree to their contented successful Texas.

"Aylo has publically supported property verification of users for years, but we judge that immoderate rule to this effect must guarantee minors do not entree contented intended for adults and sphere personification information and privacy," Alex Kekesi, Aylo's vice president of marque and community, said successful an email statement.

Instead, Kekesi wrote, nan "real solution" to an property verification instruction is to enforce a device-based verification system, which would person users input their property accusation straight into their phone’s operating systems.

Aylo is reviewing its options and consulting pinch its ineligible team, Kekesi said.

Texas is nan latest successful a drawstring of states — including Montana, North Carolina, Louisiana, Utah, Arkansas, Mississippi and Virginia — where Aylo has restricted entree to its porn sites successful consequence to age-verification laws.

The authorities of Texas sued Aylo alleging it violated its property verification law, which requires visitors to porn sites to show government-issued recognition aliases different information to corroborate they are 18 aliases older.

Having taken effect past year, nan rule was challenged successful national tribunal by an big manufacture waste and acquisition relation earlier nan 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals vacated nan injunction successful November, allowing Texas to enforce it.

It subjects porn sites to fines of up to $10,000 per time for failing to verify users’ ages. Texas’ suit claims Aylo has been successful usurpation for 160 days and truthful must salary up to $1.6 million, arsenic good arsenic up to $10,000 for each further time aft nan filing date.

A spokesperson for nan authorities lawyer general's agency didn’t instantly respond to a petition for comment.

In a news release astir nan suit connected Feb. 26, Attorney General Ken Paxton said that “Texas has a correct to protect its children from nan detrimental effects of pornographic content."

“I look guardant to holding immoderate institution accountable that violates our property verification laws intended to forestall minors from being exposed to harmful, obscene worldly connected nan internet," he said.

In its website statement, Pornhub claimed that asking users to supply ID each clip they entree porn sites will “put minors and your privateness astatine risk.” It said leaving enforcement up to individual platforms will thrust users distant from sites that do comply pinch nan rule but chimney them toward those that don’t.

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