People ‘hit the roof’ after Boeing plane's sudden mid-air drop, passenger tells NBC News

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Jokat said that while he had his seatbelt on, nan rider successful nan aisle spot of his statement didn’t.

“I saw him lying connected nan ceiling looking down astatine me,” he said. “He was afloat out-stretched,” Jokat said. “And past bang, I looked down and everyone was falling disconnected nan ceilings,” he added.

Jokat said nan seatbelt, which he seldom wears during cruising altitude, saved him from nan injuries.

“But those days are over. I will ever support my seatbelt on,” he said. “Because what I saw successful that level was group flying for illustration ragdolls.”

LATAM Airlines Flight LA800 was carrying 263 passengers on pinch 9 unit members, nan Santiago-based hose said successful a statement Tuesday. The formation landed astatine its scheduled clip of 4:26 p.m. Monday (11:26 p.m. Sunday ET) successful Auckland aft its 2-hour, 42-minute flight.

The level "experienced a beardown shingle whose causes are being investigated," nan hose said.

Emergency services treated astir 50 patients, 12 of whom were taken to nan hospital, New Zealand’s emergency aesculapian work supplier Hato Hone St John Ambulance, said successful a statement Monday.

The hose said astir of those were discharged soon aft and that only 2 group needed aesculapian attraction “but without immoderate life-threatening risks.”

The aircraft’s aviator told nan passengers nan formation had suffered instrumentality nonaccomplishment for a fewer seconds, causing nan level to driblet for almost 500 feet successful nan air, Jokat said. “He said my gauges went down, everything went down for 1 aliases 2 seconds and they conscionable lit up again and continued to function,” Jokat added.

“Some group collapsed correct done nan ceiling. So you tin spot each nan wires inside,” Jokat said.

New Zealand’s Transport Accident Investigation Commission said connected Tuesday it was seizing nan cockpit sound recorder and formation information recorder of a LATAM Airlines (LTM.SN) Boeing (BA.N) 787 aft an incident that near much than 50 group injured.Damaged overhead panels wrong nan LATAM airlines flight. Brian Jokat

New Zealand’s Transport Accident Investigation Commission is investigating nan accident, saying successful a statement Tuesday that it was “seizing nan cockpit sound and formation information recorders.”

Chile has appointed a typical to participate successful nan investigation, nan Chilean aviation authority said Monday successful a post on X.

Boeing said successful a connection Monday that it was gathering much accusation and “will supply immoderate support needed by our customer.”

The level shaper has been nether occurrence for aggregate information incidents and method snags successful caller months.

Most notably, the doorway sheet of an Alaska airlines flight blew retired midair complete Portland, Oregon connected Jan. 5, prompting a criminal investigation by nan Department of Justice.

Last week, a tyre came disconnected a United Airlines formation soon aft taking disconnected from San Francisco, hitting cars parked adjacent nan airport.

A Boeing 737-900 level flown by United Airlines made an emergency landing successful Texas aft agleam orangish flames were seen shooting retired of nan plane’s engine.

And an investigation is underway aft different Boeing-made level flown by United suffered “stuck” rudder pedals at Newark Airport successful New Jersey past month.

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