Pennsylvania woman saw a bear jump a fence before it attacked and thought, 'This is it — I’m going to die'

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A Pennsylvania female who was attacked by a carnivore while letting her canine retired said it's a occurrence she survived nan backyard brushwood Tuesday night.

"I conscionable kept thinking, 'I can't judge this is happening. This can't beryllium happening.' I'm being attacked by a bear," Lee Ann Galante, 55, said Wednesday from Allegheny General Hospital successful Pittsburgh. "I thought this is it — I'm going to die."

Galante said that anterior to nan attack, her neighbors successful Butler Township had captured a mother carnivore and her cubs connected their location cameras and that nan animals had antecedently gotten into pinch her vertebrate feeder. But it had been weeks since anyone had seen nan bears, Galante said.

And past connected Tuesday, Galante sewage an highly adjacent look astatine a achromatic bear.

Galante was location unsocial pinch her beloved Pomeranian, "Smokie," and went extracurricular pinch nan 8-pound dog. She said she heard Smokie causing a commotion and looked complete and saw nan silhouette of 3 sizeable carnivore cubs successful a neighbor's tree.

What she saw adjacent was moreover much frightening, Galante said.

“Out of nan dark, I spot this large carnivore conscionable jump complete nan fence, and there’s Smokie. So I commencement screaming, 'Smokie, Smokie."

The carnivore charged astatine her and knocked her look first onto immoderate concrete, she said.

"She bites nan backmost of my caput truthful difficult that I thought she was going to scalp me," Galante said.

The bear, Galante said, kept turning her attraction from her to her dog. The carnivore managed to get adjacent Smokie again, earlier it rushed astatine Galante and knocked her to nan crushed and spot her near arm.

Galante and Smokie managed to get wrong nan location from a backmost deck. Galante said she crawled to a telephone and called 911.

Galante listed her injuries as: Dozens of staples connected nan backmost of her head, a surgery nose, cuts wrong her mouth, puncture wounds connected her limb and scrapes and scratches each over.

Galante was initially treated for her injuries astatine Butler Memorial Hospital, Butler Township constabulary said successful a statement.

Lee Ann Galante.Lee Ann Galante.WPXI

After nan attack, nan mother carnivore and her 3 cubs were recovered successful a character successful nan contiguous area, constabulary said.

"The female carnivore continued pinch her aggression," constabulary said, prompting nan Pennsylvania Game Commission to euthanize her.

The crippled committee besides tranquilized nan cubs, constabulary said, and they are expected to beryllium released successful an chartless location.

Butler is astir 35 miles northbound of Pittsburgh.

Galante said Smokie managed to flight pinch only scratches connected his back.

“He kept distracting her. I’m conscionable truthful thankful he wasn’t really hurt," she said.

Galante said she and Smokie are fortunate to still person each other, considering nan bear's spot and temperament.

"She was very fierce and very strong," Galante said. "It was horrible."

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