Patrick Mahomes' younger brother sentenced in case stemming from alleged assault of woman

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The younger relative of Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs backmost Patrick Mahomes has been sentenced to six months’ probation successful a lawsuit alleging an battle connected a woman.

Jackson Mahomes, 23, appeared Thursday for his sentencing proceeding via video convention and pleaded blameworthy to a azygous misdemeanor count of battery, according to online tribunal records. Following his sentence, Jackson Mahomes was taken into nan custody of nan Johnson County Sheriff’s office, which will find whether he’s eligible for activity release.

The sentencing came much than 2 months aft prosecutors dismissed 3 felony charges for aggravated intersexual artillery related to accusations that Jackson Mahomes grabbed a female by nan cervix and kissed her against her will wrong an Overland Park, Kansas, edifice successful February 2023. Those much superior charges were dropped owed to a deficiency of practice from nan woman, according to a tribunal filing.

The remaining misdemeanor artillery complaint said Jackson Mahomes shoved a waiter who tried to travel into a room wherever he was pinch nan woman, according to investigators.

Prosecutors dropped nan felony charges aft nan accuser, who was nan proprietor of nan restaurant, refused to attest successful nan case. The female reported that she endured decease threats and harassment and that her edifice was vandalized successful nan aftermath of nan charges. She closed nan edifice successful August.

Jackson Mahomes is not nan only comparative of Chiefs backmost Patrick Mahomes’ family to look caller brushes pinch nan law. The NFL player’s father, erstwhile Major League Baseball pitcher Patrick Mahomes Sr., was arrested successful Texas on Feb. 3, accused of driving while intoxicated.

A week later, Patrick Mahomes earned his third Super Bowl championship ring in February, starring nan Chiefs to a 25-22 triumph complete nan San Francisco 49ers.