Passengers sue Boeing and Alaska Airlines for $1 billion over mid-air door panel blowout

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Three passengers are suing Boeing and Alaska Airlines for $1 cardinal successful damages successful nan aftermath of a doorway sheet blowing retired mid-air connected their flight.

The suit, announced Feb. 23, accuses Boeing and Alaska Airlines of negligence for allegedly having ignored informing signs that could person prevented nan January 5 incident, which forced nan level pilots to make an emergency landing.

"This acquisition jeopardized nan lives of nan 174 passengers and six unit members that were connected board," a merchandise announcing nan suit states. "For those reasons, nan suit seeks important punitive damages ... for what was a preventable incident."

The suit is besides seeking damages connected behalf of different passengers who whitethorn person flown connected Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft, which were subsequently grounded by nan Federal Aviation Administration pursuing nan incident.

The suit is not related to another class-action lawsuit revenge successful January successful nan contiguous aftermath of nan incident.

Boeing 737 Max 9 planes flown by Alaska and United Airlines person resumed regular service. However, some carriers person indicated they are reconsidering whether to spot further orders pinch Boeing for further Max aircraft, including nan successor line, nan Max 10.

The FAA and National Transportation Safety Board proceed to analyse Boeing complete nan January blowout incident.

Boeing and Alaska did not instantly respond to an emailed petition for comment.

Rob Wile

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