Oscars 2024: How to Watch, When Is It, Nominated Movies

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Even though nan 2024 Oscars ceremonial does not person nan aforesaid taste effect nan awards show had during its highest viewership decades ago, actors, filmmakers, and anyone progressive pinch nan moviemaking business still yearn to triumph 1 of those aureate statues handed retired Sunday night.

Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, nan 96th Academy Awards will return spot astatine nan Dolby Theater successful Los Angeles. Unless you unrecorded a glamorous life and person secured in-person tickets to Hollywood’s biggest night, here’s really to watch nan 2024 Oscars astatine home, erstwhile to tune in, and wherever you tin watercourse each nan apical movies.

When Are nan Oscars?

Even if you extremity up watching nan full ceremony, and moreover if everyone’s acceptance reside runs long, you mightiness still get to furniture astatine a decent time, because nan Oscars airtime moved up 1 hr for nan 2024 event. The charismatic watercourse for nan 96th Academy Awards ceremonial starts astatine 7 p.m. ET connected Sunday, March 10.

How to Watch nan Awards Ceremony

If you person a subscription to cable, watching nan 96th Academy Awards is arsenic easy arsenic turning connected your TV and flipping complete to ABC. Though a cablegram subscription is decidedly not required to watch nan 2024 Oscars. If you person an over-the-air antenna, past you tin usage it to watercourse nan broadcast connected ABC for free, arsenic good arsenic different locally disposable channels.

Another measurement to watch nan ceremonial is to subscribe to 1 of nan galore unrecorded TV streaming services that see ABC arsenic portion of their transmission bundle. While you mightiness beryllium capable to trial retired a free trial, a subscription to Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and FuboTV costs astir $75 each period aft nan introductory offers end. While expensive, it's bully to salary connected a month-to-month ground for streaming services compared to nan accepted cablegram contracts that fastener successful users.

A livestream of nan 2024 Oscars formatted for American Sign Language viewers will beryllium disposable to watch connected YouTube during nan ceremony.

Where to Stream nan Nominated Movies

Watching movies astatine location tin get costly fast, particularly erstwhile truthful galore movies are dispersed crossed different streaming services. All of nan films nominated for champion image are now disposable online, but immoderate of nan options are disposable for acquisition only. For example, The Zone of Interest costs $20 for a integer copy.

Many of nan movies nominated for Best Picture are disposable to watch astatine location done a streaming subscription. Both Oppenheimer and The Holdovers are connected Peacock correct now. The Max catalog of movies presently includes Barbie. Past Lives is included arsenic portion of a subscription to Paramount Plus pinch Showtime. Apple TV Plus is location to Killers of nan Flower Moon, and Netflix is wherever you tin watercourse Maestro. Poor Things is disposable to watercourse connected Hulu starting March 7.

Check retired our roundup of where to watch Oscar nominated picks for much movie streaming details.