Oscar Mayer is launching a plant-based hot dog

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An iconic American sausage shaper is astir to connection a meat-free option.

Oscar Mayer announced Wednesday nan motorboat of plant-based NotHotDogs and NotSausages.

It's a associated task betwixt Oscar Mayer genitor Kraft Heinz and TheNotCompany, a Chile-based food-tech institution backed by Amazon laminitis Jeff Bezos. The task is called The Kraft Heinz Not Company, stylized arsenic TheKraftHeinzNotCo.

"Oscar Mayer NotHotDogs and NotSausages connection nan savory and steaming acquisition that marque fans person known and loved for much than 140 years," nan marque said successful a release.

An study cited by Kraft forecasts nan meat-alternative marketplace to much than double by 2030. However, galore meatless basking dogs and meal sausages presently connected connection person grounded to seizure consumers owed to spirit and texture concerns, Kraft said.

“We cognize group are quiet for plant-based nutrient options from brands they cognize and trust,” said Lucho Lopez-May, CEO of The Kraft Heinz Not Company, successful a release. “In launching nan associated venture’s first merchandise successful nan plant-based nutrient category, we saw an opportunity to fulfill these user cravings, leveraging NotCo’s revolutionary AI exertion and nan power, equity, and bequest of the Oscar Mayer brand.”

In summation to a accepted basking dog, flavors connected connection from nan caller lineup see Bratwurst and Italian sausage. The caller products whitethorn incorporate little saturated fat and cholesterin than a accepted Oscar Mayer beef product, but whitethorn incorporate much sodium, arsenic good arsenic much protein. 

In a follow-up connection to NBC News, nan institution said ingredients included successful nan caller merchandise lineup see bamboo fiber, mushroom, pea macromolecule and acerola cherry, besides known arsenic Barbados cherry aliases West Indian cherry.

Kraft Heinz and Not Co person already launched plant-based food slices, mayo, and mac & food products.

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