Olivia Rodrigo's tour hands out emergency contraceptives and condoms at Missouri concert

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Pop prima Olivia Rodrigo, a vocal advocator for women’s reproductive rights, paired up pinch section organizations to administer free emergency contraceptives and condoms during a circuit extremity successful St. Louis.

Fans who attended Rodrigo’s “Guts” performance astatine nan Enterprise Center Tuesday nighttime shared photos connected societal media of emergency contraceptive pills, stickers and accusation astir abortion attraction successful nan state. 

The Missouri Abortion Fund, which provides financial assistance to those who cannot spend nan afloat costs of abortion care, thanked Rodrigo for moving pinch nan organization, joking connected social media, “It’s sadistic retired present successful Missouri,” playing connected 1 of Rodrigo’s lyrics. 

Rodrigo posted connected her Instagram communicative that a information of nan proceeds from each summons income from nan St. Louis show will spell towards nan Missouri Abortion Fund and Right By You, which helps Missourians entree abortion, commencement power and commencement care.

NBC News has reached retired to Rodrigo's representatives for comment.

Rodrigo was praised for her advocacy, pinch 1 X personification penning “Respect! This is what putting ur money wherever ur rima is.”

"To person nan caller procreation of mainstream popular girls beryllium this brave and this consenting to beryllium 100% clear astir an rumor that is SO polarizing. I person tears successful my eyes it’s awesome to see," different instrumentality tweeted.

In Missouri, abortion is illegal pursuing nan Supreme Court overturn of Roe. v. Wade in June 2022. It is banned isolated from to prevention nan life of nan pregnant person. Since nan autumn of Roe, 14 states person made abortion illegal, according to nan Center for Reproductive Rights.

Prior to her tour, nan prima had announced she started Fund 4 Good, a nonprofit to support women, girls and those seeking “reproductive wellness freedom.”

A information of the proceeds from each her summons income will spell towards nan fund, and she's partnering pinch section chapters of nan National Network of Abortion Funds for nan North American limb of her "Guts" world tour.

In June 2022, Rodrigo slammed nan Supreme Court’s determination during her group astatine Glastonbury Festival successful England. 

“I’m devastated and terrified. So galore women and truthful galore girls are going to dice because of this,” she said, The Guardian reported. “I wanted to dedicate this adjacent opus to nan 5 members of nan Supreme Court who person showed america that astatine nan extremity of nan day, they genuinely don’t springiness a s--- astir freedom.”

She was past joined by vocalist Lily Allen and performed Allen’s deed “F— You.”

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