Olivia Munn says she's been diagnosed with breast cancer and has undergone a double mastectomy

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Actor Olivia Munn announced Wednesday that she has been diagnosed pinch bosom cancer. 

The 43-year-old prima revealed she's undergone surgeries and a double mastectomy, aft a mammogram past twelvemonth led to nan diagnosis.

“In nan past 10 months I person had 4 surgeries, truthful galore days spent successful furniture I can’t moreover count and person learned much astir cancer, crab curen and hormones than I ever could person imagined,” Munn shared successful an Instagram post. “Surprisingly, I’ve only cried twice. I conjecture I haven’t felt for illustration location was clip to cry. My attraction narrowed and I tabled immoderate emotions that I felt would interfere pinch my expertise to enactment clearheaded.” 

"The Newsroom" character said her test came aft her OB-GYN decided to cipher her bosom crab consequence appraisal score.

"The truth that she did saved my life," Munn wrote successful nan post.

She took a familial trial successful February 2023 that "checks you for 90 different crab genes," she said. She tested antagonistic for all, including nan BRCA gene which has an accrued consequence for bosom aliases ovarian cancer, arsenic did her sister. 

That aforesaid winter, she went successful for nan mammogram and soon aft was diagnosed.

“Dr. Aliabadi looked astatine factors for illustration my age, familial bosom crab history, and nan truth that I had my first kid aft nan property of 30. She discovered my life consequence was astatine 37%. Because of that people I was sent to get an MRI, which led to an ultrasound, which past led to a biopsy," Munn explained. "The biopsy showed I had Luminal B crab successful some breasts. Luminal B is an aggressive, accelerated moving cancer."

And 30 days aft nan biopsy, she had nan double mastectomy.

"I went from emotion wholly good 1 day, to waking up successful a infirmary furniture aft a 10-hour room nan next,” Munn said.  

She said she kept nan test backstage arsenic she "needed to drawback my activity and get done immoderate of nan hardest parts earlier sharing."

Munn explained that she's sharing her communicative now to "help others find comfort, inspiration and support connected their ain journey," and urged others to person their bosom crab consequence appraisal scores calculated.

"I’m lucky. We caught it pinch capable clip that I had options. I want nan aforesaid for immoderate female who mightiness person to look this 1 day," she said.

"I’m truthful thankful to my friends and family for loving maine done this,” Munn added, expressing appreciation for her doctors, surgeons and her partner, comedian John Mulaney, pinch whom she has a 2-year-old son, Malcolm. 

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