Officials investigate if missing Missouri student Riley Strain was overserved at Nashville bar

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Tennessee officials are investigating whether missing University of Missouri student Riley Strain was overserved intoxicant astatine nan Nashville barroom he was asked to time off nan nighttime he vanished.

Strain, a 22-year-old student who was visiting Nashville past play connected a travel pinch his fraternity for a outpouring formal, vanished soon aft was asked to time off state euphony prima Luke Bryan's barroom called Luke’s 32 Bridge Food + Drink.  

“We are investigating whether Mr. Strain was served intoxicant while he was visibly intoxicated," Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission communications head Aaron Rummage told NBC News connected Wednesday.

Strain was asked to time off nan barroom astatine 9:45 p.m. connected March. 8, and told his friends he was stepping backmost to his hotel, his stepfather, Chris Whiteid, told NBC affiliate WSMV of Nashville. Whiteid said successful an question and reply on Top Story pinch Tom Llamas on Tuesday that Strain ne'er made it backmost to nan hotel.

Metropolitan Nashville Police released security video showing Strain crossing 1st Avenue North to Gay Street astatine 9:47 p.m. Friday. In nan footage he appears to sway and do a afloat 360-degree move earlier continuing to walk.

That cross-section is astir 0.7 miles from nan bar, and successful nan other guidance of Tempo Hotel, wherever he and his friends were staying. 

Rummage said while location are nary circumstantial rules aliases statutes that govern escorting retired an intoxicated patron from a business aliases providing assistance successful getting personification home, authorities rule “prohibits serving alcoholic beverages to personification who is invisibly intoxicated." Doing truthful is simply a people A misdemeanor, he said.

Luke's 32 Bridge is billed arsenic nan "official edifice & venue" of vocalist Luke Bryan.

TC Restaurant Group, nan usability and proprietor of Luke’s 32 Bridge, antecedently said it moving pinch constabulary to supply information camera video and different perchance adjuvant accusation to assistance successful nan search. 

Bryan shared that connection connected his Instagram communicative Tuesday, adding: “Y’all this is scary. Praying for his safe return.” 

Police described Strain arsenic 6-foot-5 pinch a bladed build, bluish eyes and ray brownish hair. His family says he is 6-foot-7.

An online fundraiser has been made to support Strain’s family arsenic they traveled from Springfield, Missouri, to Nashville to hunt for him. 

A hunt has been underway by ground, air and on nan riverbank adjacent wherever Strain was past seen.

On Wednesday, nan hunt included 2 metropolis agency of emergency guidance boats pinch sonar exertion on nan Cumberland River.

An municipality hunt and rescue squad continued to hunt on nan brushwood statement of nan riverbank, checked large wind drains and looked successful dilapidated buildings, but constabulary told reporters connected Thursday location was nary motion of Strain.

Metro Nashville Police Sgt. Robert Neilsen said astatine nan property convention location was nary motion of foul play astatine this constituent and it was still a missing personification investigation.

Anyone who has seen Strain is urged to telephone Metropolitan Nashville Police astatine (615)-862-8600.

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