NYPD arrests 23-year-old woman in connection with a subway attack on cellist

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The New York Police Department has arrested a 23-year-old female successful relationship pinch a performer being attacked past period while playing his cello astatine a Manhattan subway station. 

Amira Hunter, was arrested and charged pinch battle connected Wednesday, according to nan NYPD. The Brooklyn resident’s apprehension comes aft Iain Forrest, a 29-year-old electrical cellist who performs nether nan sanction “Eyeglasses,” was bashed successful nan backmost of nan caput pinch a metallic h2o vessel while performing astatine 34th Street Herald Square position successful mid-February. 

subway onslaught musician cello subordinate @eyeglasses.stringmusicMusician Iain Forrest is attacked by an chartless fishy astatine nan 34th Street and 6th Avenue subway position successful New York City, connected Feb. 13, 2024.@eyeglasses.stringmusic via Instagram

Hunter, who has had anterior arrests involving home violence, petty larceny and expansive larceny but nary criminal convictions, pleaded not blameworthy and was ordered to cooperate pinch supervised release.

“The judge successful this lawsuit was correct to bid supervised merchandise for Ms. Hunter, arsenic she has nary anterior criminal convictions,” Hunter’s lawyer, New York County Defender Services lawyer Joseph Conza, said successful a connection provided to NBC News. “People still merit nan presumption of innocence, moreover erstwhile video is released early on, because that is only a mini portion of nan story. Other group person been exonerated contempt early video footage for precisely that reason.”

Forrest addressed nan developments successful a video connected Friday, saying he was “relieved and thankful” that nan fishy was caught. 

“You whitethorn spot connected nan news that nan fishy was released nether supervision; alternatively than get mired successful nan complexities of bail reform, I want to attraction connected everyone staying safe and moving guardant positively pinch music,” Forrest said. 

Video that captured nan incident showed a female lingering astatine nan position watching Forrest perform, earlier abruptly attacking him. Forrest, who is portion of nan Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s performing arts programme Music Under New York, previously told NBC News that nan incident prompted him to determine to extremity playing successful nan NYC subway system. He besides said he is successful nan process of forming a conjugation to push for stronger protections for subway musicians. 

The NYPD presently records accusation connected reported attacks, but Forrest said he is pushing for much circumstantial information to beryllium collected. 

“There’s conscionable nary tally aliases that elemental counting and search of specifically musicians being attacked,” he said. “Once we person eyes connected those trends, and you see, ‘OK, good look, it’s against solo musicians who are astatine 34th Street Herald Square astatine nan evening unreserved hour.’ Once you person that accusation you tin amended springiness resources to forestall that from happening pinch nan NYPD.”

Hunter is expected backmost successful tribunal connected April 4 for a hearing. 

Kimmy Yam

Kimmy Yam is simply a newsman for NBC Asian America.