Nikki Haley wins the Vermont Republican primary

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Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley has won nan Republican statesmanlike superior successful Vermont, NBC News projects — her first Super Tuesday triumph amid a deluge of different authorities calls for erstwhile President Donald Trump.

Despite nan constrictive Haley triumph successful Vermont, Trump is expanding his nationalist delegate lead pinch wins successful different Super Tuesday contests. But his weakness pinch independents and different non-core Republicans participating successful this year’s GOP superior showed done successful Vermont.

For weeks, Haley’s run has pointed to New England states for illustration Vermont arsenic portion of her way forward. The authorities has an unfastened superior system, which allows immoderate registered voters to participate successful nan Republican nominating contest.

In a memo up of nan Jan. 23 New Hampshire primary, nan Haley run wrote that “there is important fertile crushed for Nikki” connected Super Tuesday owed to those rules.

“Eleven of nan 16 Super Tuesday states person unfastened aliases semi-open primaries. Of nan 874 delegates disposable connected Super Tuesday, astir 2 thirds are successful states pinch unfastened aliases semi-open primaries,” nan memo added.

At a rally connected Sunday successful South Burlington, Vermont, Haley was joined by Gov. Phil Scott, who is 1 of only 2 Republican governors to endorse Haley, on pinch Gov. Chris Sununu successful neighboring New Hampshire.

At that event, Haley told nan crowd, “I’m going to support connected fighting,” because, “70% of Americans opportunity they don’t want Donald Trump aliases Joe Biden.”

She added that she wanted supporters to “send them a connection for me. In a wide election, we’re fixed a choice. In a primary, we make our choice. This is nan clip to make our choice.”

But by nan clip NBC News projected Haley’s triumph successful Vermont Tuesday night, Trump had already won 11 different states and built connected his delegate lead.

Vermont is nan 2nd 2024 title Haley has won, pursuing a play triumph successful nan low-turnout Washington, D.C., primary.

For weeks, Haley’s run has dodged questions astir what her way to triumph looks for illustration pursuing Super Tuesday. 

And up of nan GOP superior successful Haley’s location authorities of South Carolina, her run head Betsy Ankney told reporters connected a property telephone that nan run has “rolled retired activity teams successful astir of nan states done nan extremity of March, including Georgia and Washington State."

“We person infrastructure connected nan crushed successful those states done nan extremity of March,” Ankeny added.

Alexandra Marquez

Alexandra Marquez is simply a authorities newsman for NBC News.