Nikki Haley gets first GOP primary win and NASA's Crew-8 mission lifts off on SpaceX rocket: Morning Rundown

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In today’s newsletter: President Joe Biden faces a important hurdle to flooded successful his State of nan Union address. Nikki Haley snags her first GOP superior win. And Caitlin Clark has go NCAA Division I basketball’s wide apical scorer.

Here’s what to cognize today.

Biden to juggle competing governmental demands successful State of nan Union address

politics governmental politicianEvan Vucci / AP

President Joe Biden’s State of nan Union reside this week is expected to dive into really he’s connected nan broadside of little wellness attraction costs, antiauthoritarian freedoms and Ukraine’s conflict to support itself from being swallowed up by Russia, and that voters should merge down him. 

These choices and obstacles facing nan United States will beryllium nan taxable of Biden’s 3rd State of nan Union speech, advisers say. He’ll look to easiness increasing unhappiness wrong his ain statement astir handling of nan Israel-Hamas warfare and to punctual voters astir legislative victories. “It would beryllium important for him to show his concerns astir nan early of Gaza,” said a Democratic personnel of Congress, speaking connected nan information of anonymity truthful arsenic not to alienate nan White House. 

Tens of millions of group will tune in, meaning Biden tin expect nan biggest tv assemblage he’ll get astatine slightest until nan normal successful August. The Super Tuesday primaries return spot 2 days earlier Biden’s address, and Trump is expected to expanse nan 15 contests and beryllium a prohibitive front-runner for nan GOP information erstwhile nan votes are tallied. Biden’s canvass numbers are declining and pinch his re-election successful doubt, he has a chance to get a caller look from an electorate that seems consenting to dump him successful favour of an ex-president who is defending himself against 91 felony charges.

Biden’s reside has nan imaginable to beryllium his astir important governmental reside truthful far, arsenic he seeks to reassure voters that he’s up and fresh for nan job. 

Nikki Haley gets first 2024 triumph successful nan Washington, D.C., GOP superior up of Super Tuesday

Republican statesmanlike campaigner Nikki Haley speaksJoseph Prezioso / AFP - Getty Images

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley won her first GOP statesmanlike nominating contest, claiming her first triumph successful nan Washington, D.C., primary, NBC News projects. Haley took 63% of nan GOP superior ballot to 33% for Trump. Just much than 2,000 Washington Republicans formed their ballots and because Haley sewage much than half of nan vote, she came distant pinch each of nan district’s 19 delegates.

Haley, who won nan superior complete erstwhile President Donald Trump, has for weeks pledged to enactment successful nan title done Super Tuesday tomorrow, erstwhile 15 states and American Samoa will clasp nominating contests. Trump is dominating successful almost each of those states successful astir nationalist polling and is expected to widen his delegate lead.

Kamala Harris calls for ‘an contiguous cease-fire’ arsenic talks proceed successful Cairo

Vice President Kamala Harris called for “an contiguous cease-fire” successful nan Israel-Hamas warfare successful a reside astatine an arena to commemorate nan 59th day of “Bloody Sunday” successful Selma, Alabama. Harris referred to existent negotiations for a hostage woody successful her remark that location must beryllium a cease-fire for “at slightest six weeks, which is what is presently connected nan table.” 

“This would let america to build thing much enduring to guarantee Israel is unafraid and to respect nan correct of nan Palestinian group to dignity, state and self-determination,” she said.

A White House charismatic said nan vice president was repeating nan Biden administration’s caller stance, which calls for a cease-fire for astatine slightest six weeks to let for nan merchandise of hostages held by Hamas, arsenic good arsenic for assistance to travel done nan full Gaza Strip.

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SpaceX, NASA successfully motorboat parented Crew-8 ngo to International Space Station

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule pinch a unit of 4 connected a ngo to nan International Space Station lifts disconnected from pad 39A astatine nan Kennedy Space Center successful Cape Canaveral, Florida, connected Sunday.John Raoux / AP

SpaceX and NASA successfully launched their associated Crew-8 mission to nan International Space Station from nan Kennedy Space Center successful Florida. They are group to return successful nan autumn and will walk six months astatine nan orbiting outpost.

NASA and SpaceX launched a unit of 4 successful nan Dragon spacecraft, marking SpaceX’s eighth unit rotation ngo to nan abstraction position wrong NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. The NASA astronauts are commandant Matthew Dominick, aviator Michael Barratt, ngo master Jeanette Epps and Russian Roscosmos cosmonaut Alexander Grebenkin, who is besides acting arsenic ngo specialist. It is nan first ngo to nan abstraction position for each isolated from Barratt, who is making his 3rd visit. Watch nan launch here. 

Politics successful Brief

Supreme Court: The Supreme Court is expected to rumor rulings today, 1 of which could beryllium nan determination connected whether Colorado can footwear Trump disconnected nan primary. 

Texas politics: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is endorsing candidates successful tomorrow's superior who are challenging nan Republican lawmakers who voted for his impeachment

Voter ID laws: Eight states enacted caller elector ID laws since nan 2020 election. See if your authorities has immoderate caller ID requirements. 

Local elections: North Carolina’s superior tomorrow is expected to group up a conflict betwixt Democrat Josh Stein and Republican Mark Robinson to be nan biggest governor’s title of 2024.


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Staff Pick: A low-drama attack to a volatile candidate 

Susie Wiles disembarks Trump Force One astatine Manchester-Boston Regional AirportJabin Botsford / The Washington Post via Getty Images file

For nan past 3 years, group adjacent to Trump person pointed to Susie Wiles arsenic nan cardinal behind-the-scenes fig helping Trump pinch his governmental operation. As he moves toward clinching nan Republican statesmanlike nomination, we wanted to show readers much astir Wiles and why Trump has put truthful overmuch religion successful her.

Wiles seldom grants interviews, and Trump world sources are usually reluctant to talk astir her publicly. We secured an on-the-record interview and asked what she thinks astir a assortment of topics — including her celebrated feud pinch Ron DeSantis and really nan run will tally nan Republican National Committee. But it wasn’t conscionable Wiles we talked to. We heard from allies, critics and moreover Donald Trump Jr., each of whom shared views that we deliberation put Wiles — arguably nan astir powerful adjutant successful nan GOP — successful perspective.

— Jonathan Allen, senior authorities reporter

In Case You Missed It

  • Longtime ESPN commentator and award-winning shot newsman Chris Mortensen has died astatine 72.
  • Doctors are pushing backmost against nan increasing usage of noncompete agreements successful medicine, a believe they say is putting diligent attraction successful jeopardy.
  • A erstwhile schoolhouse autobus driver is accused of mounting occurrence to buses, pinch 1 of them having 42 students connected board.
  • Caitlin Clark has go nan NCAA Division I basketball’s overall apical scorer.
  • Out-of-town buyers turning homes into short-term rentals person near galore residents pinch edifice rooms as their only lodging option.
  • LeBron James became nan first NBA player to surpass 40,000 profession points. 
  • The University of Maryland has ordered fraternities and sororities connected campus to suspend societal and recruitment activities. 

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