NFL investigating whether two teams broke rules ahead of major free agent signings

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The NFL is reviewing whether the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles violated tampering policies during nan ineligible tampering window, a convention spokesperson said Thursday.

The Falcons agreed to a statement pinch four-time Pro Bowl backmost Kirk Cousins soon aft teams were permitted to commencement negotiating pinch unrestricted free agents connected Monday.

The Eagles quickly struck a woody pinch two-time Pro Bowl moving backmost Saquon Barkley soon aft nan speech play opened astatine 12 p.m. EDT.

Penn State coach James Franklin told a newsman that Eagles wide head Howie Roseman said to Barkley and sounded him connected nan relationship betwixt nan Eagles and Nittany Lions instrumentality bases.

Teams are permitted to talk straight pinch agents during nan 52-hour negotiating window, but can’t speak to nan subordinate unless he has nary supplier and represents himself.

The Eagles person denied nan claims and Barkley said Franklin misinterpreted their conversation.

“That was done my supplier and my supplier told maine that,” Barkley said.

In Atlanta’s case, Cousins said Wednesday: “There’s awesome group here. And it’s not conscionable nan shot team. I mean, I’m looking astatine nan support staff. Meeting — calling, yesterday, calling our caput diversion trainer, talking to our caput of PR I’m thinking, we sewage bully group here. And that’s breathtaking to beryllium a portion of.”

Cousins wasn’t permitted to speak to anyone earlier 4 p.m. EDT connected Wednesday.

“Due to nan NFL’s review, we are incapable to supply accusation aliases person further comment,” nan Falcons said successful a statement.

Vikings GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah was asked if he’s had immoderate connection pinch nan convention connected nan tampering investigation.

“That’s benignant of supra our fray there,” Adofo-Mensah said Thursday. “I’ve conscionable been engaged trying to activity connected nan roster. I’m not alert of immoderate of that stuff.”

Vikings coach Kevin O’Connell suggested past week successful an question and reply pinch NFL Network that nan marketplace for Cousins grew astatine nan league’s scouting combine.

“I deliberation nan harvester conscionable benignant of gave everybody other an opportunity — moreover whether they’re expected to beryllium aliases not — to possibly person immoderate conversations,” O’Connell said.