New team of Marines sent in to shore up security at the U.S. embassy in Haiti

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A new squad of U.S. Marines has been sent to Haiti to thief protect nan American embassy, nan U.S. subject said Wednesday, a time aft nan country's prime curate announced his resignation pursuing months of rising unrest and pack violence.

The U.S. Southern Command said successful a connection that a fleet-anti-terrorism information team, known arsenic FAST, was deployed to nan embassy successful nan nation's capital, Port-au-Prince, which has been astatine nan halfway of nan chaos and civilian disorder.

The Marines are successful nan beleaguered Caribbean federation to "maintain beardown information capabilities astatine nan U.S. Embassy successful Port-au-Prince, Haiti and behaviour alleviation successful spot for our existent Marines, a communal and regular believe worldwide," nan connection said.

The connection added that nan embassy remains open, though only constricted operations continue, including "supporting Haitian-led efforts to unafraid a serene modulation of power."

A spokesperson said that “U.S. Southern Command is prepared pinch a wide scope of contingency plans to guarantee nan information and information of U.S. Citizens successful Haiti.”

The U.S. subject initially flew successful forces connected Sunday to airlift nonessential unit retired of nan country, successful a process that was described arsenic modular practise.

A governmental modulation woody successful Haiti marks a cardinal measurement guardant for nan violence-ravaged state but acold much needs to beryllium done, pinch immoderate experts informing nan business could deteriorate further. A man walks past nan US embassy successful Port-au-Prince, Haiti, connected March 12, 2024. Clarens Siffroy / AFP - Getty Images

Prime Minister Ariel Henry said Tuesday he would guidelines down erstwhile a transitional authorities — agreed astatine a gathering of Caribbean leaders and nan U.S. connected Monday — was appointed.

No timeframe was fixed for nan modulation and Henry remains premier minister, though he is successful Puerto Rico and incapable to return to Haiti aft equipped gangs calling for his resignation took power of awesome airports.

The subject connection said that nan U.S. Department of Defense has doubled its backing for a multinational information ngo successful Haiti and was moving pinch Kenya and different partners to "restore information successful Haiti." Additional support could see planning, accusation sharing, airlifts and aesculapian support, it said.

While nan departure of Henry was a cardinal request of nan equipped gangs that now power ample parts of nan capital, it appears that their run whitethorn not extremity there.

Speaking to nan Reuters news agency Tuesday, pack leader Jimmy Cherizier — known arsenic “Barbecue” — said he had a connection for immoderate edifice owners sheltering politicians: "We are coming for you."

"We won't dishonesty to people, saying we person a serene revolution. We do not person a serene revolution. We are starting a bloody gyration successful nan country," he said.

Meanwhile, Americans proceed to time off Haiti.

Journalist and writer Mitch Albom, who founded nan Have Faith Haiti nonprofit which useful pinch children and orphans, said connected Instagram connected Tuesday night that he, his woman and 8 volunteers were evacuated from nan country, wherever they had been sheltering aft a authorities of emergency was declared.

"My woman and I are safe tonight. Many Americans, Canadians, and others who are still stuck are not. The group of Haiti are not," he wrote.

"I dream that our attraction tin move to them and really we tin thief reconstruct bid and information to a beautiful state and its people, including our kids, who merit truthful overmuch better," he added.

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