Musk says he won't contribute to Trump or Biden presidential campaigns

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Elon Musk, 1 of nan richest men successful nan world, says he will not donate to either Joe Biden aliases Donald Trump’s statesmanlike campaign.

Musk, who regularly peddles far-right conspiracy theories related to President Joe Biden’s administration, posted nan declare connected X, nan societal media level he bought arsenic Twitter successful 2022.

The New York Times reported connected Tuesday evening that Musk had precocious met pinch Trump, noting that nan Trump run is looking to raise money to adjacent a backing spread pinch nan Biden campaign. NBC News has not confirmed that meeting. In September, Musk met pinch Biden.

Musk is currently engaged successful astatine slightest 11 regulatory aliases ineligible fights pinch nan Biden management and independent national agencies and could guidelines to spot alleviation successful immoderate of them if Trump were to return backmost nan White House, an NBC News investigation found.

Musk, once a celebrated fig among Democrats for his statements raising siren astir ambiance change, has successful caller years swung sharply to nan correct successful his nationalist statements. In 2022, he said he antecedently voted for Democrats but has started to ballot Republican.

But Musk and Trump person not ever gotten along. Also successful 2022, nan 2 exchanged nationalist barbs, pinch Trump saying Musk made "diverless cars that crash" and "rocketships to nowhere." Musk responded that it was "time for Trump to bent up his chapeau & sail into nan sunset."

Kevin Collier

Kevin Collier is simply a newsman covering cybersecurity, privateness and exertion argumentation for NBC News.

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