Mountain lion spotted on camera roaming through the streets of a California coastal city

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Oceanside police have confirmed nan recent sightings of a upland lion prowling nan streets of Oceanside this week.

The upland lion was spotted successful respective areas of nan metropolis — including looking done nan windows of an Oceanside movie theatre — sometime betwixt Monday and Wednesday night, Oceanside constabulary Officer Tom Bussey said. Sightings were reported on State Route 76 astatine Rancho Del Oro adjacent Ivey Ranch Park; successful nan 200 and 300 artifact of North Coast Highway adjacent nan Oceanside City Hall; and successful nan 1100 artifact of South Coast Highway.

Surveillance footage captured nan upland lion stepping done a courtyard and by a parking car shed adjacent Oceanside City Hall, according to Officer Bussey.

If you spot upland lions, do not attack aliases disturb them, nan Oceanside Police Department and California Department of Fish and Wildlife said. Avoid nan upland lion and study nan sighting to constabulary instantly by calling 760-435-4911.

If you telephone nan department, beryllium prepared to springiness nan location and clip of nan sighting.

Police already contacted nan California Department of Fish and Wildlife regarding nan caller sightings. The section is monitoring nan business successful collaboration pinch police.

If nan upland lion becomes aggressive, dispute aliases is seen adjacent a schoolhouse aliases park, please telephone 911 immediately, nan section said.

A quality wildlife conflict master weighs in

As their sanction states, upland lions for illustration nan mountains and it’s very different to spot them successful metropolis streets for illustration Oceanside. They for illustration immoderate dense vegetation for cover, which they find successful nan coastal sage scrub of Southern California, according to Megan Senour, quality wildlife conflict master astatine nan California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

She said it appears this upland lion ended up successful downtown Oceanside done “wildlife corridors.” Wildlife doesn’t spot place boundaries nan measurement humans do, Senour added.

“So they usage what we telephone wildlife corridors. So bully greenish spaces, drainages, thing for illustration that. That’s nan benignant of way of slightest resistance, and they’ll usage those to recreation along, find resources, each things for illustration that. And truthful that’s apt what this animal utilized to benignant of entree that much municipality downtown area,” she told NBC San Diego.

Human interaction pinch upland lions are very uncommon, Senour said.

“Those interactions are incredibly rare, but surely location are things that we tin do arsenic members of nan nationalist erstwhile we unrecorded and recreate successful upland lion country. Half of nan authorities is considered upland lion habitat,” she said.

What to do if you brushwood a upland lion

If you’re going to beryllium moving around, specified arsenic hiking aliases camping successful upland lion country, Senour suggests going pinch different personification aliases successful a group, make noise, talk, aliases play euphony to debar a astonishment interaction, which is usually erstwhile those interactions occur.

“A batch of folks recreate successful upland lion state without incidents. So it really is — to stress — it’s incredibly uncommon for location to beryllium moreover an relationship successful general. Mountain lions want to debar america conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic we want to debar them. They don’t want to spot america — nan weird 2 legged hairless creatures stepping around. We’re conscionable arsenic overseas for them arsenic they are for america for seeing them,” she said.

Most upland lion interactions do thin to impact pets aliases mini animals, according to Senour.

Make judge you’re not letting your pets into nan backyard by themselves and are intimately monitoring them, keeping them connected leashes and indoors whenever possible, she said.

“We typically person norm of thumb for leash stepping is thing that’s longer than 6ft and it’s non retractable,” Senour said.

Mountain lions tin screen 10 to 12 miles a day

Mountain lions person a immense range, says Andy Blue pinch nan Ramona Wildlife Center.

“They tin screen 10 to 12 miles a day, and their scope is really astir 100 quadrate miles. So if they’re seeing cats reasonably adjacent to nan municipality areas, that’s astir apt a feline that is besides connected Camp Pendleton and Fallbrook and immoderate of these different much open, wooded areas. But it is different to spot them successful an area pinch a batch of group and successful neighborhoods, certainly,” he said.

Does it look for illustration much wildlife are heading into municipality lately? It mightiness conscionable beryllium modern technology.

“One point we’re seeing much of present pinch Project Wildlife is there’s rather a spot much wildlife being seen pinch nan summation of a batch of group person Ring cameras and setups for illustration that astir their house. And truthful we’re seeing a batch much wildlife that we haven’t seen successful nan past, and they’ve astir apt been successful these areas each along, and we conscionable were ne'er really were alert of it until you’re seeing it connected your camera successful nan mediate of nan night,” Blue said.

He has a typical informing for pet owners.

“First and foremost is if you don’t provender your pets extracurricular your dogs aliases cats, that’s what attracts a batch of animals that immoderate of nan animals, for illustration coyotes and upland lions, prey on. So if you’re putting retired canine and feline nutrient overnight and a raccoon is coming around, upland lions will prey connected raccoons aliases coyotes aliases rabbits aliases squirrels. So everything from canine and feline nutrient to compost piles to vertebrate feeders to vertebrate fountains, each these things that pull wildlife to your home. It’s bully to spot nan animals, but it’s not adjacent to them because you’re attracting them into an area wherever they whitethorn beryllium predated,” Blue added.

Renee Schmiedeberg, NBC San Diego

Renee Schmiedeberg is simply a integer media shaper for NBC San Diego.