Mississippi officer charged with forcing prisoner to lick urine off floor

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A Mississippi constabulary serviceman has been charged pinch forcing a personification who was being booked successful jailhouse to lick urine disconnected nan level of a holding cell, national prosecutors alleged successful tribunal documents revenge this month.

Michael Christian Green was charged pinch 1 national count of deprivation of authorities nether colour of law, according to a criminal accusation revenge earlier this month.

The archive alleges that Green, who was a patrolman for nan Pearl Police Department, forced personification to lick urine disconnected nan compartment level aft a December arrest.

The man, who was being booked aft a disturbance astatine a Sam’s Club connected Dec. 23, knocked connected nan doorway of a holding compartment and said he needed to urinate, prosecutors wrote.

After a play of time, nan man urinated successful a corner, nan archive states. Green allegedly threatened to hit him pinch a telephone and commanded him to “lick it up,” prosecutors wrote.

Green stood successful a doorway while nan man, who gagged and later vomited successful a trash can, did so, nan archive says. Green recorded it connected his cellphone, prosecutors wrote.

Green was charged by criminal accusation this month, but nan lawsuit was unsealed Wednesday, according to tribunal records. Informations are typically utilized by nan Justice Department to complaint successful cases wherever group person agreed to plead guilty.

Green’s lawyer did not instantly return requests for remark Wednesday night. Court records do not bespeak a plea, advertisement an first quality was scheduled for Thursday.

A Pearl Police Department spokesperson did not instantly return a telephone seeking much specifications astir Green's employment aliases position Wednesday night.

Pearl is simply a metropolis of astir 27,000 eastbound of Jackson.

Phil Helsel

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