Migrant holding toddler hit by stun gun and punched repeatedly by police officers at NYC shelter

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A Venezuelan migrant holding his toddler was deed by a stun weapon and punched successful nan look by constabulary officers astatine a New York City migrant shelter successful an enactment caught connected video — and defended by nan politician arsenic "appropriate."

The video, obtained and published by The New York Times Tuesday, showed nan infinitesimal 2 officers confronted Yanny Cordero, 47, astatine a city-run shelter successful Jamaica, Queens, connected Friday. 

The clip showed 2 officers pin Cordero against closed elevator doors arsenic he was holding his 1-year-old son. 

One serviceman brought retired a yellowish stun weapon and deployed it connected nan man, its trilling sound audible. Moments later, that aforesaid serviceman appeared to punch nan man successful nan face.

A female crying and screaming adjacent Cordero appeared to beryllium pulled distant from Cordero aft nan punch and nan kid he was holding was besides separated from him.

In beforehand of Cordero and nan officers were 2 officers successful subject garb and respective spectators. The man filming nan altercation was heard yelling successful Spanish: “This is abuse!"

The 2 officers struggled to detain Cordero, past tried to pin him against a adjacent desk. A 3rd constabulary serviceman entered nan altercation and punched Cordero doubly successful nan face, triggering much yelling and uproar from witnesses.

Three officers yet subdued Cordero onto nan ground. 

The man who filmed nan relationship yelled, “Hey they’re hitting him! Hey don’t deed him, don’t deed him, don’t deed him, brother. That’s abuse. Where are nan quality rights?”

The clip ended pinch Cordero connected nan crushed pinch officers astir him.

The New York Police Department said it responded to nan shelter precocious Friday astir 11 p.m. complete a conflict involving an intoxicated man "who was threatening unit members."

Officers gave nan Cordero aggregate warnings and commands to springiness nan kid to personification other and he refused, constabulary said. 

However, Cordero told nan Times that he hadn’t been drinking because he had to activity nan adjacent day. 

Cordero, who does not speak English, told nan Times nan conflict erupted aft he returned to nan shelter pinch meal he purchased extracurricular nan shelter. He said a shelter worker seemed to show him successful English that he couldn't return nan nutrient up to his room.

He told nan Times that he utilized a translator app connected his telephone to effort to pass that he was going to eat successful nan cafeteria erstwhile nan shelter employee’s workfellow was called complete and struck him successful nan face. 

Police said nan kid was unharmed successful nan incident and nan city's Administration for Children’s Services was notified and responded.

Cordero was charged pinch resisting arrest, disorderly behaviour and convulsive behavior, obstructing authorities management and acting successful a mode injurious to a kid nether 17. 

His woman Andrea Parrar, 22, who successful nan clip threw her assemblage betwixt her husband and nan officers, was besides charged pinch resisting arrest, disorderly behaviour and fighting, and obstructing authorities administration, constabulary said.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a erstwhile constabulary serviceman himself, said nan officers took "appropriate action" during an unrelated property convention Tuesday.

“I saw that incident and I said pinch nan commissioner complete nan weekend," Adams said. "Those officers had to get that kid from him truthful that kid was not going to beryllium successful danger. All of this is connected assemblage worn camera. Those officers responded to a personification who was vulnerable and took due actions."

"Domestic incidents are highly dangerous. These are very volatile situations. Those officers person to respond accordingly. They wanted to get that kid retired of that gentleman’ manus aft informing him respective times asking him to move complete nan child, he refused to. He was violent, he was volatile, they had to return that basal action and based connected our review, those officers took due action," he added.

New York City Hall said nan matter is nether investigation, but it's not clear which agency is looking into nan case.

“We are alert of an incident involving a family successful our attraction astatine an emergency shelter successful Jamaica, Queens Friday night. The wellness and information of each migrants and longtime New Yorkers successful our attraction — particularly young children — is ever a apical priority, and this matter is presently nether investigation,” City Hall said.

Marlene Lenthang

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