Michigan man sentenced to prison for violent threats against Jewish people

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A 20-year-old Michigan man who admitted utilizing societal media to make convulsive threats against Jewish group was sentenced Monday to a twelvemonth and a time successful prison, acold short of what prosecutors had recommended.

A condemnation exceeding a twelvemonth makes personification eligible for bully behaviour credits and a shorter enactment successful national custody.

Seann Pietila, who has been locked up since June, was accused of utilizing Instagram to dispersed neo-Nazi ideology, talk plans to termination group and praise wide shooters.

Pietila admitted that he told someone last summertime astir a scheme to termination aliases injure Jewish group and wanted to station nan onslaught online. The FBI said Pietila besides had written nan sanction of nan Shaarey Zedek congregation successful East Lansing, adjacent Michigan State University, connected his telephone on pinch a 2024 date.

“He ne'er sent nan statement to anyone aliases posted it successful a nationalist forum,” defense lawyer Scott Tilton said.

Pietila moved to nan Lansing area from nan Upper Peninsula erstwhile he was 16 years old. Tilton said he’s had cognitive issues arsenic good arsenic slump and anxiety.

“Mr. Pietila understands that his words person meaning, his messages were harmful, and that location are consequences for his actions,” Tilton said successful a tribunal filing.

Prosecutors had sought a situation condemnation of astir 3 years. But U.S. District Judge Robert Jonker settled connected 366 days, on pinch $10,648 successful restitution to nan synagogue for security. Pietila will get in installments for astir 9 months already spent successful jail.

“The preponderance of nan grounds supports nan conclusion that (Pietila) started down a way of desiring to termination group because of their belief aliases title and was interrupted by rule enforcement earlier he was capable to enactment connected his desire,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher O’Connor said successful a tribunal document.

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