McDonald's restaurants suffer global tech outage

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McDonald's stores crossed parts of nan world were either closed aliases had suspended online orders Friday aft what nan institution said was a exertion outage.

The unspecified rumor affected nan accelerated nutrient chain's stores successful Japan and Australia, while societal media users besides reported disruption successful China, Britain and elsewhere crossed Asia and Europe.

“We are alert of a exertion outage, which impacted our restaurants; nan rumor is now being resolved. We convey customers for their patience and apologize for immoderate inconvenience this whitethorn person caused," a spokesperson for nan McDonald's Corporation said.

The McDonald's connection added: "Notably, nan rumor is not related to a cybersecurity event," responding to speculation that nan institution mightiness person been nan target of an online attack.

McDonald's Japan said successful an update connected X that "Many stores crossed nan state person temporarily suspended operations." It added: "We apologize for immoderate inconvenience caused to our customers."

In an earlier station Friday morning, McDonald's Japan said: "There is presently a strategy failure." Japan has almost 3,000 McDonald's stores, down only China and nan United States.

McDonald's Australia besides said its stores had been deed by a nationwide strategy outage.

The South China Morning Post reported that McDonald's said astatine 2.30 p.m. section clip connected its Chinese-language Facebook page: "Due to a machine strategy failure, nan mobile ordering and self-ordering kiosks are not functioning. Please bid straight astatine nan edifice counter. Sorry for immoderate inconvenience caused."

In a consequent update astatine 4 p.m. section clip nan problem was fixed, nan institution said, according to nan SCMP.

NBC News has contacted McDonald's for further comment.

Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith is simply a London-based editor and newsman for NBC News Digital.