Massachusetts Air National Guard member Jack Teixeira pleads guilty to leaking military secrets

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BOSTON — Massachusetts Air National Guard personnel Jack Teixeira pleaded blameworthy connected Monday successful national tribunal to leaking highly classified subject documents about Russia’s warfare successful Ukraine and different nationalist information secrets.

Teixeira pleaded blameworthy to six counts of willful retention and transmission of nationalist defense accusation nether nan Espionage Act astir a twelvemonth after he was arrested in nan astir consequential nationalist information leak successful years.

The stunning breach raised siren complete America’s expertise to protect its astir intimately guarded secrets and forced nan Biden management to scramble to effort to incorporate negotiated and subject fallout. The leaks embarrassed nan Pentagon, which tightened controls to safeguard classified accusation and disciplined members found to person intentionally grounded to return required action astir Teixeira’s suspicious behavior.

Teixeira, 22, admitted illegally collecting subject secrets and sharing them pinch different users connected Discord, a societal media level celebrated pinch group playing online games. Prosecutors scheme to activity astir 17 years successful situation for him, according to nan plea agreement.

Teixeira, who was portion of nan 102nd Intelligence Wing astatine Otis Air National Guard Base successful Massachusetts, worked arsenic a cyber carrier systems specialist, fundamentally an accusation exertion master responsible for subject communications networks.

Authorities said he first typed retired classified documents he accessed and past began sharing photographs of files that bore SECRET and TOP SECRET markings. The leak exposed to nan world unvarnished concealed assessments of Russia’s warfare successful Ukraine, nan capabilities and geopolitical interests of different nations and different nationalist information issues.

Teixeira remains successful nan Air National Guard successful an unpaid status, an Air Force charismatic said.

Teixeira has been down bars since his April arrest. The judge denied his petition for merchandise from jailhouse past twelvemonth aft prosecutors revealed he had a history of convulsive rhetoric and warned that U.S. adversaries who mightiness beryllium willing successful mining Teixeira for accusation could facilitate his escape.

Prosecutors person said small astir a motive. But members of nan Discord group described Teixeira arsenic personification looking to show off, alternatively than being motivated by a desire to pass nan nationalist astir U.S. subject operations aliases to power American policy.

Prosecutors person said Teixeira continued to leak authorities secrets moreover aft he was warned by superiors about mishandling and improper viewing of classified information. In 1 instance, Teixeira was seen taking notes connected intelligence accusation and putting them successful his pocket.

The Air Force inspector wide recovered that members “intentionally grounded to study nan afloat details” of Teixeira’s unauthorized intelligence-seeking because they thought information officials mightiness overreact. For example, while Teixeira was confronted astir nan notes, location was nary follow-up to guarantee nan notes had been shredded and nan incident was not reported to information officers.

It was not until a January 2023 incident that nan due information officials were notified, but moreover past information officials were not briefed connected nan afloat scope of nan violations.

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