Man shot with his own gun after altercation on crowded New York subway train, police say

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A 36-year-old man was successful a captious information successful a New York infirmary past nighttime aft he was changeable pinch his ain weapon successful a convulsive and chaotic altercation connected a crowded subway train successful Brooklyn, constabulary said.

The incident took spot connected a northbound A train astatine 4.45 p.m. Thursday and is nan latest successful a drawstring of convulsive crimes connected nan city's subway system, which prompted New York Gov. Kathy Hochul to deploy a unit of 1,000, including 750 National Guard, to summation information connected nan transit network.

Videos show terrified passengers taking cover, arsenic personification shouts "there are babies connected nan train."

The 36-year-old unidentified man is seen successful respective videos posted to societal media approaching a 32-year-old man connected nan train, earlier entering into a verbal confrontation.

The segment developed into a conflict and police say the 36-year-old produced a weapon aliases razor leaf and threatened nan different man.

As nan tense segment unfolded, 1 video posted online shows a female successful nan carriage wearing a achromatic look disguise intervene arsenic nan 36-year-old pinned nan different man down connected a seat. With humor past intelligibly appearing connected his shirt, nan man turns to her and many times says, “You stabbed me?” 

The video shows him later taking a firearm from his jacket. The man pinch nan weapon walked toward nan different man while yelling “in menacing way,” NYPD caput of transit, Michael Kemper, said successful a news convention Thursday night.

The 32-year-old man tin beryllium seen opinionated successful beforehand of nan female arsenic nan equipped man verbally threatened her in video posted online, as passengers scrambled to nan other broadside of nan carriage.

But astatine immoderate constituent nan aggressor mislaid power of nan weapon and was changeable by nan different man aggregate times conscionable arsenic nan train was pulling into Schermerhorn Station, Kemper said.

Eyewitnesses recorded video showing a man connected a stretcher being lifted into an ambulance extracurricular nan station.

Police officers were already successful nan station, Kemper added, and were connected nan segment successful seconds. The 32-year-old-man was being questioned by detectives past night, he said.

Lincoln Restler, a councilor who represents nan area, said connected X: "This is simply a horrible calamity & profoundly unnerving to nan millions of New Yorkers who return nan subway each day."

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