Man convicted of 5 DUI's charged with murder in California hit-and-run

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A man who has been convicted of DUI charges 5 times was charged pinch execution successful nan hit-and-run sidesplitting of a pedestrian while driving nether nan power of alcohol, nan territory lawyer successful Orange County, California, announced Thursday.

Jonathan Lopez, 31, of Orange, California, has been charged pinch 1 felony count each of murder, deed and tally pinch imperishable wounded aliases death, evading while driving recklessly, DUI pinch 3 aliases much priors and driving pinch a humor intoxicant level of .08% aliases higher.

He could besides beryllium charged pinch driving connected a suspended license, a misdemeanor. Lopez faces a maximum condemnation of 18 years to life successful situation if convicted of each charges against him.

“An guiltless man is dormant because personification without a licence who has been prohibited from driving because of his extended DUI history decided to disregard each informing he was ever fixed that drinking and driving tin beryllium deadly and get down nan instrumentality while intoxicated,” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said successful a news release.

According to nan DA's office, Lopez was driving successful Orange astir 11:15 a.m. Tuesday and deed a man stepping crossed nan street.

Lopez was "seen drinking intoxicant and flipping officers off" aft nan hit-and-run, according to nan DA's office.

He led officers connected a "short high-speed pursuit," successful which he ran a reddish ray and 3 extremity signs earlier constabulary could drawback up to him and apprehension him, nan DA's agency said.

Lopez's 5 anterior DUI convictions day backmost to 2011, according to nan DA's office. He served 16 months successful region jailhouse aft pleading blameworthy successful December 2021 to 1 felony count of driving nether nan power of alcohol, 1 felony count of driving pinch a humor intoxicant level of .08% aliases higher and 1 misdemeanor count of driving pinch a suspended license.  

“It is clear this individual has perfectly nary respect for quality life and nary respect for nan norm of law," Spitzer said. "Not moreover jailhouse clip could forestall him from putting his ain selfish actions complete nan lives of everyone other connected nan roadworthy that day."

Rebecca Cohen

Rebecca Cohen is simply a breaking news newsman for NBC News.