Man bitten by crocodile in Florida Everglades says he 'didn't know what was holding' him

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A South Florida man has a agelong roadworthy to betterment aft he was bitten successful nan limb by a crocodile at Everglades National Park complete nan weekend.

"I americium emotion bully because I americium alive," Rodrigo Constain told NBC South Florida connected Tuesday aft coming location from nan hospital. "It’s a communicative that astir apt couldn’t beryllium told."

Constain fell into nan h2o astatine nan Flamingo Marina connected Sunday erstwhile nan upwind knocked complete his sailboat.

When he tried to get backmost wrong nan boat, Constain said he felt thing holding onto his leg.

"I didn’t consciousness immoderate pain, nothing," he recalled. "I don’t cognize why."

Constain said his intuition was to touch immoderate was holding onto his leg. He past felt a agelong rima and a caput and tried to loosen nan creature’s grip.

"I didn’t cognize what was holding maine because I didn’t participate successful panic," he said. "I didn’t cognize ... ne'er I thought that it was a crocodile."

The crocodile fto go. Constain yet felt nan symptom deed arsenic he swam backmost to nan deck.

"I wasn’t panicking and I didn't astatine all. I wasn't afraid, I didn't consciousness immoderate panic," he said.

Rangers responded to nan marina and recovered nan 68-year-old pinch lacerations connected his leg. Constain said his woman and nan rangers saw nan crocodile successful nan h2o from nan deck.

It's uncommon for an American crocodile to wound a human, The Associated Press reported. The only different documented lawsuit involving a crocodile biting a quality happened successful 2014, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesperson Lauren Claerbout told nan news outlet successful an email.

Constain was flown to Jackson South Hospital. He said doctors told him nan coiled went arsenic heavy arsenic nan bone, but it was a occurrence that location was nary fracture.

Doctors said it could return astir a period for him to locomotion again.

"I don't cognize really I'm gonna activity since I’m a handyman," Constain said.

His family established a GoFundMe for thief pinch infirmary bills. He said he’s thankful for nan thief he’s received truthful far.

"There’s only 1 logic that I'm here: It's God," Constain said. "If you’re not pinch God, I wouldn't beryllium here. He was each nan clip pinch maine and that's what I think. I was not afraid, because erstwhile you judge successful God, you are not afraid."

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