Man arrested in connection with a homophobic NYC subway slashing

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A New York man was arrested Tuesday successful relationship pinch a homophobic slashing incident connected a Manhattan subway train past week. 

Police said Milton Hamlin, 46, approached a 27-year-old man Friday nighttime and made anti-LGBTQ comments earlier slicing him pinch a container cutter. The unfortunate was taken to a section infirmary while Hamlin remained connected nan train.

On Saturday, nan New York City Police Department released a photograph of nan fishy clad successful a ample grey puffer overgarment and achromatic hat, asking for nan public’s assistance successful identifying him. The NYPD past confirmed to NBC News connected Wednesday that Hamlin, a resident of nan Bronx, had been arrested and charged pinch assault, battle arsenic a dislike crime, menacing and menacing arsenic a dislike crime. 

Friday’s subway slashing is nan latest successful a drawstring of convulsive incidents occurring aboard New York City subways. The aforesaid day, a 61-year-old man was stabbed while riding a train successful nan Bronx, and nan time before, a train conductor was slashed crossed nan cervix as his train car pulled into a position successful Brooklyn, according to NBC New York. 

The high-profile crimes successful nan subway strategy prompted New York Gov. Kathy Hochul connected Wednesday to send National Guard members to nan underground network to thief combat nan issue.

“No 1 heading to their occupation aliases to sojourn family aliases spell to a expert assignment should interest that nan personification sitting adjacent to them possesses a deadly weapon,” she told reporters.

Emi Tuyetnhi Tran

Emi Tuyetnhi Tran is an intern for NBC News Digital.