Man and woman found dead at scene of 'severe' house explosion in Pennsylvania

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A man and female were recovered dormant astatine nan segment of a "severe" location detonation successful Pennsylvania Tuesday greeting that damaged 2 different homes, authorities said.

Officials successful Allegheny County received aggregate calls astatine 8:54 a.m. for a location detonation connected Riverview Road in Crescent Township, conscionable extracurricular of Pittsburgh.

The first portion arrived connected nan segment a fewer minutes aft nan telephone to find nan location "completely leveled by immoderate type of explosion," Allegheny County Division Fire Chief Andrew Tomer said astatine a news briefing.

He said location was a occurrence passim nan instauration and a occurrence alongside a adjacent hill.

As authorities searched for nan occupants of nan home, they recovered nan bodies of nan man and woman, Tomer said. The aesculapian examiner will merchandise their identities.

No different injuries were reported.

The origin of nan detonation remains nether investigation. Tomer told reporters that location was "natural state connected tract from a backstage well" and propane from a backstage well.

The blast was felt passim nan area, Tomer said, calling nan detonation "severe" and "absolutely extreme."

"We each felt and heard nan explosion," he said. "Instantly, a file of achromatic fume up successful nan aerial followed by a heavy file of achromatic smoke. [It] was a very important explosion. You could consciousness it successful your chest, you could decidedly consciousness nan explosion."

NBC connection WPXI of Pittsburgh reported that homes respective miles distant were damaged. Tomer said astatine slightest 2 different homes suffered harm but did not opportunity really adjacent they were to nan detonation site.

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