‘Love wins’ say Greek lesbian couple as they wed at last

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ATHENS — A almanac reminder shone up connected Danai Deligeorges’ telephone connected Thursday evening: “Wedding,” nan connection said. She turned, smiling, to her partner Alexia Beziki. “Are you ready?” Beziki asked, earlier nan mates kissed and started to prepare.

That night, Deligeorges and Beziki became 1 of nan first lesbian couples successful Greece to get joined aft parliament passed a landmark bill allowing same-sex couples to necktie nan knot.

The historical vote, which besides gives LGBTQ couples nan correct to adopt children, came aft decades of campaigning by nan LGBTQ organization for matrimony equality successful nan socially blimpish state wherever nan Orthodox Church has agelong held sway.

“Now we’re capable to corroborate pinch a connection that: You cognize what? You weren’t doing each these things for nothing,” said Deligeorges earlier nan ceremony. “So, emotion wins.”

Athens politician Haris Doukas joined nan mates successful a low-key ceremonial successful cardinal Athens attended by dozens of friends and relatives. The room successful a authorities building erupted successful applause erstwhile nan mates said their vows and hugged. Deligeorges began to cry.

“Congratulations to this country,” nan mates said.

Deligeorges projected to Beziki successful 2022 erstwhile matrimony for them was forbidden. Last month, Beziki gave birth, but nether rule Deligeorges was not recognised arsenic a ineligible guardian.

Danai Deligiorgi and Alexia Beziki wed astatine nan Athens Town HallDanai Deligiorgi and Alexia Beziki aft their wedding ceremonial astatine nan Athens Town Hall, successful Athens, Greece, connected Thursday.Louiza Vradi / Reuters

The Feb. 15 parliament ballot changed each that.

“It was a triumph besides for each nan group who judge that each individuals should beryllium seen for what they choose,” said Beziki, a 43-year-old actress.

The rule has not travel without opposition. The Orthodox Church, which believes homosexuality is simply a sin, is vehemently opposed. The first cheery wedding took spot successful Athens past week nether constabulary watch aft nan mates received threats.

Many successful nan LGBTQ organization judge nan rule does not spell acold enough. It does not let LGBTQ couples to usage assisted reproduction methods. Surrogate pregnancies will besides not beryllium extended to LGBTQ individuals.

Still, politician Doukas said advancement has been made.

“It is our work to safeguard that each national of Athens has nan state and nan correct to unrecorded and emotion arsenic they desire,” he told Reuters aft nan ceremony.

Beziki and Deligeorges were overjoyed. Deligeorges said she hadn’t felt this bully since Greece’s astonishment triumph astatine nan European shot title successful 2004.

“We are yet seen,” said Beziki.

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