'Little Mermaid' star Halle Bailey reveals why she kept her pregnancy a secret

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Halle Bailey had a very beardown logic for keeping her gestation to herself.

The “Little Mermaid” prima was among those honored astatine nan 2024 Essence Black Women successful Hollywood Awards connected March 7, wherever she shared nan communicative of why she decided to support her gestation private.

“What was 1 of nan biggest highlights of my life, and to beryllium real, 1 of nan biggest challenges, too, cannot comparison to nan biggest joyousness of my life, and that was becoming a mom to my cleanable small angel, Halo,” Bailey, 23, said during her acceptance speech, shared by The Hollywood Reporter on Instagram.

She continued by saying that nan lessons that she shared successful her reside led her to “a spot of protection.”

“There was nary measurement successful hellhole I was going to stock nan biggest joyousness of my world pinch anyone,” she said. “Halo was my gift. He is nan top blessing, and I had nary responsibility to expose him, me, aliases my family to that unyielding spotlight.”

Bailey has continued to support her babe retired of nan nationalist oculus since announcing his arrival. She’s only shared 1 photograph of his mini manus connected societal media.

On Jan. 6, nan character and vocalist announced that she and fellow DDG welcomed their first kid together, a babe boy named Halo.

The caller mom shared nan news connected her Instagram, sharing a photograph of her manus holding her baby’s mini manus that had a golden bracelet pinch nan sanction “Halo” connected it.

“Even though we’re a fewer days into nan caller year, nan top point that 2023 could person done for me, was bring maine my son.. invited to nan world my halo 🥰👼🏽 ✨the world is hopeless to cognize you 😉🤣♥️,” nan vocalist captioned her photo.

DDG shared a akin photograph connected his Instagram, adding, “my biggest blessing by acold 👶🏽❤️ boy son.. ne'er been truthful successful emotion 🥹 babe halo.”

While location had been speculation astir Bailey’s pregnancy, she ne'er confirmed that she was expecting a child.

The rapper had seemingly confirmed that he would beryllium a begetter by sharing a photograph of an ultrasound. However, he shared it connected April 1, making group judge it was an April Fool’s joke.

“Can’t hold to beryllium your dad,” he captioned nan post.

Bailey and DDG first sparked romance rumors in January 2022, earlier making their red carpet debut together that June astatine nan BET Awards. 

Bailey told Essence in August 2022 that they had known each different since 2015, but later reconnected.