Lisa Murkowski says she ‘could not’ vote for Trump or Biden in 2024

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WASHINGTON — Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski said Saturday she “could not” ballot for erstwhile President Donald Trump successful nan 2024 predetermination should he triumph her party’s information again — but that besides doesn’t mean she could transverse statement lines for President Joe Biden, either.

“I could not” ballot for Trump, Murkowski said successful a telephone telephone pinch NBC News connected Saturday night, adding, “I can’t ballot for Biden.”

She urged those for illustration her who want an replacement not to “quit” connected erstwhile South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s long-shot GOP bid yet.

“I want to promote everyone who believes that America is amended than conscionable a re-do of what we person from 2020,” nan Alaska legislator said conscionable up of her state’s superior connected Super Tuesday and 1 time aft she endorsed Haley. “I don’t want to spot that achromatic emblem raised.”

Pressed connected why not, she said simply, “Why not? … It’s not conscionable a business wherever Nikki is nan lesser of nan evils. She is simply a qualified, competent, tin leader astatine a clip erstwhile nan state needs them. I garbage to judge that [Trump and Biden are] my only 2 choices.”

Murkowski endorsed Haley connected Friday and was followed soon aft by a chap Trump professional successful nan precocious chamber, Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine.

Murkowski, who antecedently admitted that she besides didn’t ballot for Trump successful 2020, voted to convict him connected impeachment charges aft nan Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection. Trump, who was acquitted of those charges, past backed a superior challenger who unsuccessfully ran against Murkowski successful 2022.

Now, arsenic Murkowski backs an force successful Trump’s race, questions are emerging astir nan viability of Haley’s candidacy, fixed nan erstwhile United Nations ambassador’s inability arsenic of yet to triumph a primary. If Haley were to driblet out, Murkowski says that she — and others — would beryllium unsure of what to do successful nan 2024 election.

“Lisa Murkowski is not nan only 1 successful this campy correct now,” Murkowski said.

Ali Vitali

Ali Vitali is simply a Capitol Hill analogous for NBC News, based successful Washington.