LinkedIn Tells People if You Look at Their Profile. Here's How to Turn That Off

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LinkedIn whitethorn or whitethorn not beryllium the cleanable Twitter replacement, but 1 point is for sure: It's a profoundly weird place. Staying progressive connected nan level is fundamentally required for today's knowledge workers to find employment, which is odd. Also, it's a spot wherever a batch of group walk clip pretending recruiters and hiring managers are fun, absorbing group by reacting and replying to their posts. Then location are nan LinkedIn influencers, each of whom sounded for illustration ChatGPT agelong earlier ChatGPT was a thing.

But possibly nan oddest point astir LinkedIn is really transparent it is astir its surveillance features. Where different societal networks effort to obfuscate really overmuch they are search your activity, LinkedIn, astatine each step, invites you to participate successful nan gathering of users' behaviour data. This is simply a societal web that sends you regular notifications regarding who looked astatine your profile.

By default, each clip you look astatine someone’s LinkedIn floor plan while you’re logged in, they get notified that you looked astatine it. I tin understand why a occupation seeker mightiness want this information—you mightiness want to travel up if a imaginable employer is sizing you up—but I tin besides understand why it would thrust occupation seekers perfectly insane to know. What are you expected to do, email personification and say, “I noticed you looked astatine my LinkedIn profile. Did you for illustration what you saw?” (The specified thought of doing this virtually conscionable killed me. You are reference nan words of an existent ghost.)

Think astir really weird it would beryllium if, each clip you scrolled done someone’s Instagram grid looking astatine their aged photos, they sewage a notification telling them you’d done it. On LinkedIn, nan group who salary for a subscription get much complete entree to information connected who’s peeking; astir group tin only spot a mates of their caller viewers, but paid users get a afloat database of everyone who has looked astatine their floor plan successful nan past year.

I find this level of extremist transparency a small disturbing. The bully news is you tin move this notification characteristic off—it’s conscionable a small spot hidden. Here’s really to find it.

Change Your LinkedIn Viewing Options

Head to LinkedIn. Click connected your floor plan image successful nan top-right area of nan browser model and past click Settings and Privacy. (In nan LinkedIn mobile app, your floor plan photograph appears successful nan precocious left; click connected it to entree Settings and travel these aforesaid instructions below.)

image 1

In nan near sidebar click Visibility and past click Profile viewing options.

image 2

From present you tin prime from 3 options: “Your sanction and headline,” “Private floor plan characteristics,” and “Private mode.”

image 3

The default choice, “Your sanction and identity,” informs everyone whose floor plan page you sojourn that you've done so, showing them your photograph and occupation explanation pinch a nexus to your floor plan page. They will past click nan link, sending you a notification that they did so, a shape that will repetition until nan sun expands and engulfs nan earth. You tin extremity this from happening by changing nan setting.

The 2nd option, “Private floor plan characteristics,” conscionable shows different users a summary—your occupation and wherever you live—when you position their profile. This will make you sound mysterious but will mostly conscionable annoy everyone because of its deficiency of specificity. The third, overmuch amended action is “Private mode,” which allows you to look astatine anyone's floor plan page successful comparative secrecy.

Note that this prime to withhold sharing permissions goes some ways: Selecting thing different than nan default prime of sharing your personality will extremity you from seeing erstwhile different group look astatine your profile. To me, this is simply a triumph because it intends I get less LinkedIn notifications. But if you find it useful to cognize who is looking astatine your profile, you mightiness want to support this successful mind.