Lily Allen says having children 'ruined' her music career

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British popular star, Lily Allen, said having children "ruined" her profession successful an section of nan "Radio Times" podcast connected Tuesday.

"I ne'er really person a strategy erstwhile it comes to career, but yes, my children ruined my career. I emotion them and they complete me, but successful position of popular stardom, wholly ruined it," Allen, 38, said successful nan interview.

Allen laughed arsenic she said it, but added, "It really annoys maine erstwhile group opportunity you tin person it all, because — rather frankly — you can’t."

The vocalist shares 2 children, Ethel Mary, 12 and Marnie Rose, 11, pinch her erstwhile husband, Sam Cooper.

She roseate to prominence pinch her 2006 single, "Smile," which reached number 1 connected nan UK charts. Her debut album, "Alright Still," subsequently earned a information for Best Alternative Music Album astatine nan 2008 Grammy Awards.

The “Somewhere Only We Know” vocalist attributed her prime to “step back” from euphony to her ain experiences arsenic nan kid of parents successful nan intermezo industry.

"Some group take their profession complete their children and that’s their prerogative," Allen said. "My parents were rather absent erstwhile I was a kid, and I consciousness for illustration that really near immoderate nasty scars that I'm not consenting to repetition connected mine."

“I’m gladsome that I person done that because I deliberation they’re beautiful well-rounded people,” she said of her children.

Allen is nan girl of character Keith Allen and movie shaper Alison Owen, and nan relative of “Game of Thrones” prima Alfie Allen.

Also connected nan episode, nan vocalist announced nan motorboat of her ain podcast, "Miss Me?," which will premiere connected Thursday.

Her astir caller album, "No Shame," was released successful 2018. She said successful 2019 that she was moving connected an upcoming conception album, arsenic good arsenic "two musicals."

Allen, who has been outspoken astir societal causes successful her euphony and beyond, precocious transitioned into acting, a alteration she attributed successful portion to today's "political climate."

She received a best character nomination astatine nan 2022 Olivier Awards for her West End debut successful "2:22 Ghost Story."

In 2020, she joined “Stranger Things” character David Harbour and nan 2 stock a location together successful New York City.

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