Liberty University hit with record $14M fine for flouting federal crime reporting laws

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Liberty University will salary a grounds $14 cardinal good for flouting field crime reporting laws, nan U.S. Department of Education announced Tuesday.

The conservative Christian schoolhouse will besides walk different $2 cardinal connected field information improvements related to nan Clery Act, which requires campuses that person national costs to study crime statistics, nan section said.

The schoolhouse successful Lynchburg, Virginia, founded by nan precocious Moral Majority leader Jerry Falwell, will beryllium monitored for 2 years to guarantee it follows nan information guidelines, nan section said successful nan colony agreement.

Rich Cordray, main operating serviceman for student assistance pinch nan Department of Education, said nan extremity of nan Clery Act is to create "safe and unafraid field communities" and "responsibly disclose accusation astir crimes and different information concerns."

"We will proceed to clasp schools accountable if they neglect to do so,” he said.

The good is nan largest connected grounds for Clery Act violations, nan national student assistance agency said. It capped a two-year national investigation that recovered Liberty University officials systemically underreported complaints astir crime and dissuaded students from reporting complaints.

It besides recovered nan schoolhouse lacked nan resources to analyse complaints, grounded to study a stalking incident involving a student athlete, retaliated against a worker who raised a Clery Act concern, and erased grounds related to nan DOE investigation.

Liberty University acknowledged nan colony statement successful a statement, conceding "there were galore deficiencies that existed successful nan past."

"We admit and sincerely regret past programme deficiencies and person since corrected these errors pinch awesome attraction and concern," it said.

The schoolhouse besides alleged that it was nan unfortunate of "selective and unfair treatment" by nan Department of Education.

"In nan report, galore of nan Department’s methodologies, findings, and calculations were drastically different from their historical curen of different universities," it said. "Liberty disagrees pinch this attack and maintains that we person many times endured selective and unfair curen by nan Department."

Corky Siemaszko

Corky Siemaszko is simply a elder newsman for NBC News Digital.