Latinos agree things are bad on the border but differ from non-Hispanics on solutions

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A mostly of Latinos work together location is problem connected nan U.S.-Mexico border, but Latinos wide are little apt than different Americans to spot much deportations and much separator wall arsenic effective responses, a Pew Research Center survey has found.

Pew's study released Monday recovered that astir three-quarters of Latinos surveyed position nan expanding number of migrants seeking to transverse nan U.S.-Mexico separator arsenic a awesome problem aliases crisis. Roughly nan aforesaid stock judge nan national authorities is doing a bad occupation of handling it.

About two-thirds of Latinos said speeding up asylum decisions by expanding judges and unit would easiness nan problem, while 58% saw creating much ways to legally migrate arsenic a instrumentality for resolution.

But conscionable a 3rd of Hispanics backed expanding deportations of group successful nan state illegally and only astir a 4th saw substantially expanding a wall connected nan U.S.-Mexico separator arsenic a measurement to grip it.

In comparison, a mostly of non-Hispanic Americans (55%) backed much deportations to woody pinch nan crisis, though little than half, 45%, agreed expanding nan wall connected nan separator would help.

Immigration has go a awesome rumor successful nan 2024 election, and Republicans person been expanding their stock of Latino voters.

The study analyzed information from a study of complete 5,000 American adults — including 879 Hispanics — that was conducted betwixt Jan. 16 and 21.

The Pew study comes astir a period aft Customs and Border Protection reported nan highest monthly full number of encounters connected record, pinch conscionable complete 300,000. Encounters see group who transverse and are apprehended, including those who are released to await asylum decisions and those instantly removed. Encounters tin see group who person made erstwhile unsuccessful attempts to cross, truthful nan number of individuals tin disagree from nan number of encounters.

How Latinos consciousness astir nan migrant situation and its solutions

In summation to expanding migration judges and staff, astir of nan Latino adults surveyed, 57%, agreed that making it easier for migrants to legally activity while waiting for decisions astir their asylum position would thief nan coming migrant situation. But little than half, 40%, agreed that expanding resources to supply a safe, cleanable spot for group arriving successful nan U.S. would beryllium helpful.

On nan reasons why migrants look to transverse nan U.S.-Mexico separator and activity asylum successful nan U.S., Latinos and non-Latinos shared akin ideas and beliefs. The prevailing position is that bad economical conditions astatine location successful Latin America and bully economical opportunities successful nan U.S. lead galore migrants to make nan journey.

Latino immigrants are conscionable somewhat much apt than U.S.-born Latinos to mention economical conditions arsenic a logic for nan ample number of asylum-seekers astatine nan border.

Along partisan lines, Democratic and Republican Latinos are successful statement that economical conditions astatine location and successful nan U.S. are a awesome driver successful nan existent migrant situation.

However, Democratic Latinos are much apt than Republican Latinos to admit unit successful migrants’ location countries arsenic a superior information to transverse nan border. On nan different hand, Republican Latinos are much apt to judge that U.S. migration policies make it easy for migrants to judge they tin enactment successful nan state aft receiving asylum, which is driving astir of nan existent migration.

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